• Attention: These IRC Rules will be in effect starting 14th of June 2010. Please read them.

    Metin2.co.uk IRC Rules

    The following rules apply to all official Metin2 UK channels on the OnlineGamesNet network which include, but are not limited to, #metin2.uk. By using the Metin2 UK IRC channels you are accepting that you have read, understood and agreed to abide by these rules as well as the OnlineGamesNet IRC Network Rules.
    The Metin2 UK Board Rules apply where applicable.

    A. - Channel Use

    • The only language to be used in the Metin2 UK Channels is English.
    • The use of vulgar, profane, or otherwise inappropriate nick-names are not permitted.
    • Impersonation of Metin2 UK Staff is forbidden.
    • It is forbidden to post (or link to) anything illegal, inappropriate or indecent, including but is not limited to: hacks, warez, pornography, scam websites, obscene material or copyrighted material without authors permission.
    • Harassment of users/staff on the official Metin2 UK Channels is not tolerated.
    • Spam of any kind is not accepted. This includes, but is not limited to; repeating messages, the excessive use of smilies, or any comments that may disrupt support services.
    • Flaming, trolling, or other messages of an insulting nature are forbidden, including but not limited to; real life threats, ethnic/gender/racial based discrimination, messages with the sole aim to provoke others into breaking the IRC Rules.
    • The use of profanity or vulgarity is not accepted.
    • You must ask permission in the main channel before you query (PM) a member of the Metin2 UK Team.
    • Do not link or hotlink to other forums and/or games. Any (hot)linking or advertising to a competitive forum or game are not welcomed unless they are an affiliate of Game Forge Productions GmbH.

    B. - Warnings and Sanctions

    • The Metin2 UK Team reserve the right to kick or ban, temporarily or indefinitely, any user that fails to abide by the Metin2 UK IRC Rules.
    • Any attempt to evade warnings or sanctions placed on a user can directly result in a longer or permanent ban.
    • It is also possible to receive Metin2 UK Board warnings and bans for offences in Metin2 UK channels. These cases will be directly handled by a Board Admin.
    • Users who are of the opinion that they have been warned for a wrong reason or without a reason should create a ticket at the Metin2.co.uk Support Center. These tickets will be handled under the "Board" category.
    • Warnings and sanctions can be received if rule breaches are committed via a query (PM) if the user is on the official Metin2 UK channels.

    The Terms and Conditions stand above the rules.

    Your Metin2 UK Team

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