Wiki-Moderators Needed!

  • We are currently looking for new team members for the Metin2UK Wiki. Do you have knowledge of Wiki based software and have the time to dedicate to the Metin2Wiki? If so then read on to see how to apply!

    Metin2 UK Wiki-Moderators

    As a Moderator it is your duty to edit/enter changes concerning the game and the team into the wiki, checking articles for the truth, making sure contributions are accurate, correcting vandalism and deleting incorrect data.

    You are assisting users if they have any questions and locking user accounts if necessary.

    If interested please follow these instructions:

    - Go to
    - In the Contact Support tab, choose for Board
    - In the Subject of your ticket please write "Application for Wiki Mod"

    Basic Requirements:

    - At least 16 years old (legal documents have to be signed),
    - Regularly active within the Metin2Wiki,
    - Decent writing style and good attitude,
    - Knowledge of the Wiki syntax, and willing to learn new stuff,
    - Knowledge of Metin2,
    - Willingness and ability to work well together with others in a team,
    - Access to IRC.

    What to put into your application?
    Your Real Name:
    Your Email:
    Your Metin2 UK Board Account:
    Your Metin2 UK Ingame Account:
    Your Metin2 UK Wiki Account:
    A summary of why you want to become a Wiki-Mod and what you would contribute to the Metin2Wiki. This should be of decent size and a few sentences is not enough.

    Thank you,

    Your Metin2Wiki Team

  • *Update*

    Wiki-Guides applications closed. Wiki-Moderators are now only needed.

    Metin2 Wiki-Admin

  • *update*

    It might have slipped our mind, but in the application submission section there has been an e-mail of an ex-teamler. Obviously, if you have send your Wiki Mod application to that e-mail address they have not been received.

    If you are interested, please follow the new guidelines in sending the applications.


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