Mammoth Miracle Chest 08.06.

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    Dear players,

    Starting from 08.06.2024, following item will be available on item shop.

    Price DR Note Duration of Sale
    Mammoth Miracle Chest 29DC RNG Box contains the following at random:

    Manny 15d
    Ellie 15d
    Arctis Khan Cage
    Ring of Deadly Power 7d
    Ring of Will Power 7d
    Mighty Lolly 7d
    Magic Lolly 7d
    Amulet of the Guardians 7d
    Experience Ring (30m) 30m
    Experience Ring +200 3h
    Experience Ring (1h) 1h
    Experience Ring (3h) 3h
    Experience Ring (10h) 10h
    Potion of Ascension (3h) 3h
    Flame of the Dragon
    Ritual Stone
    Stone of the Blacksmith
    Blacksmith Handbook
    Stone Handbook
    Pink Dragon Bean
    Blue Dragon Bean
    Green Dragon Bean
    Book of the Leader

    Metin2 Team