timed out armed horse quest

  • is there a time period in between armed horse quest if you failed/ timed out?

    I got rl distraction and had to stop and and course when I got back it timed out. I went back to stable boy and got no accept mission in the about armed horse book .

    Waited a full day to about the same time I tried the first time but it still says armed horse test timed out and stable boy still doesn't reset test .

  • Yes, you can faill a horse mission. Time out randam MAX 24Houers

    If you cant get the new mission, maybe look in gamemission. and look for "result of horse mission" ish not sure... 100% maybe they use "result of horse medal"

    Danish old player. :thumbsup:

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  • yea notice lack of info on here. I'm an old, old, old player lol. They've added a lot but it's hard to find any information. I'll

    head over your way thanks