The Pre-Events Begin!

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    The Pre-Events Begin!

    Join in the pre-events and earn your access to our exclusive RUBY premium servers!

    Join the Fun!

    The pre-events before the RUBY servers launch will last for two weeks. During this time, you have the chance to earn early access to the RUBY servers and scoop up loads of great rewards.

    • Starts: 3rd August 2022 after the maintenance
    • Ends: 17th August 2022 after the maintenance

    Exclusive Access

    Great Rewards on the RUBY Servers:

    Enjoy loads of great benefits on the premium servers – including special events, powerful boosts and loads of variety, with something new to explore every day. Take part in world boss events on the RUBY servers, and enjoy permanently increased drop rates, Uriel’s EXP Event. All this, and loads more, so get access now, it’s worth it!

    Getting RUBY Server Access:

    In order to play on the exclusive servers, you have two options:

    Pick up a pack in the shop granting you access to the full server launch. If you want to be there even earlier, then we also offer a pack which grants early access from 19th August. Sales of this pack have already started, so head on over to the shop now!

    Alternatively, you can participate in the pre-events and with a bit of luck and skill, earn access from the limited pool.

    The Challenges

    The pre-events are taking place on all servers and put you up against various challenges you need to master to earn your access to the RUBY servers:

    1. Complete the 14th Level of the Zodiac Temple
    2. Complete the 34th Level of the Zodiac Temple
    3. Defeat 20 Redux or Time Rift bosses
    4. Complete 5x Serpent Temple
    5. Destroy 20 Sung Mahi outposts in the Seo Gwang Wastelands
    6. Complete 10x Ship Defence
    7. Complete 20x Ship Defence
    8. Destroy 100 Metin stones (any level)
    9. Complete 4 mission book quests (Lord)
    10. Complete 12 mission book quests (Dong Gwang Plain)
    11. Complete 12 mission book quests (Nam Gwang Chasm)
    12. Complete 8 mission book quests (Yilad Pass)
    13. Complete 12 mission book quests (Lord)
    14. Complete 25 mission book quests (Lord)
    15. Reach Champion Level 1
    16. Defeat 5x Alastor (normal)
    17. Defeat 1x Alastor (hard)
    18. Destroy 50 Metin stones (any level)
    19. Destroy 20 Metin stones (level 100-105)
    20. Defeat 20 bosses in Sung Mahi Tower

    The rewards will be sent as soon as you have completed enough challenges. This only happens after midnight, once the challenges are updated. You’ll find more details in our FAQ.

    The Rewards

    Once you’ve completed a certain number of challenges, you’ll receive certain rewards. Each challenge only counts once.

    In addition to various precious items, you can also earn yourself a chance in the draw for server access, server access directly, or even early access to our exclusive RUBY servers. Will you manage to master all the challenges and earn the final reward?

    Here’s an overview of the reward tiers:

    Challenges Completed Rewards Server Access
    4 1x TC Voucher (50) / 1x Concentrated Reading / 1x Green Dragon Bean -
    8 1x TC Voucher (50) / 1x Reinforce Item -
    10 1x TC Voucher(50) / 1x Cor Draconis (Rough) / 2x Enchant Item -
    12 1x TC Voucher (20) / 1x Jewellery Box / 1x Personal Premium Shop (7 Days)/ 1x Whelp Box -
    14 1x TC Voucher (20) / 1x Pet Chest / 1x Beran-Setaou’s Chest / 1x Cor Draconis (Rough) Entry into the draw
    15 3x TC Coupon (20) / 2x Concentrated Reading / 1x Whelp Box / 2x Blue Dragon Bean -
    16 1x TC Coupon (20) / 1x Cor Draconis (Noble) / 2x Enchant Item / 3x Exorcism Scroll Server access for first 500
    18 1x TC Coupon (50) / 1x Royal Blue Peacock (7 Days) / 2x Cor Draconis (Noble) -
    19 4x TC Coupon (20) / 1x Nightmare (3 Days) / 2x Reinforce Item -
    20 2x TC Coupon (50) / 1x Snow Leonidas (Loot; 3 Days) / 2x Cor Draconis (Noble) / 1x Orison Server access for the first 500 + early access

    Progress Overview

    You can see all your progress at a glance in the pop-up window:

    This shows you which challenges and rewards you’ve already unlocked. When you log in, you’ll see the important details, and can press a button any time you like to bring up this menu.

    Notes and More Details

    • All servers can participate in the pre-events, but please note that players on the following servers cannot earn access to the RUBY servers: RU: Россия, GR: Ελλάδα, AE: العالم العربي and Western European Cluster: Tigerghost.
    • More information on the RUBY servers can be found in our FAQ.