Dragon Coin Vouchers - 22.06.

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    Dear Players,

    Starting from 22.06.2022 you can find DC Vouchers on Item shop.

    On Sale

    icon_metin2_es_f8aac44f2492637f551948b4abbc4772.pngDC Voucher (1000) 1300DC

    icon_metin2_es_e00037351c856bb5e72898684eb519c2.pngDC Voucher (500) 700DC

    icon_metin2_es_5e881fd0784f8f21e7dd045a28c85b1d.pngDC Voucher (100) 150DC

    *Players will only be able to purchase DC Vouchers on accounts where they have completed the Level 30 Biologist Quest.*

    Metin2 Team