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    Uhlala, its Valentine´s day!

    To celebrate this occasion we made a special Forum-event for you.

    The topic is:

    Love poem

    The following rules apply:
    - You have to write the poem by yourself, anything else will be disqualified
    - The poem has to contain at least 8 lines
    - The topic of the poem has to be love and the poem itself should make sense

    1st-3rd Place: 2x Engagement ring

    What you have to be aware so that your name can be triggered.
    - your account is not banned
    - send it via mail to
    - The mail must be received by 21/02/2019. (only to 11:59 pm)
    - The mail must have the subject line "Valentine´s day"

    The content of the message must be:
    ⦁ your name in Metin2 Forum
    ⦁ your name InGamename (charakter)
    ⦁ Love poem

    If there are any questions left, feel free to write to me via PN or mail.

    Have a wonderful day with your loved ones!

    Last but not least: You´ll be the jury! You will have 3 days (after the submissions are closed) to vote for your…
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    Dear players!
    Valentine's Day Start: 14.02.2019 00:00
    Valentine's Day End: 28.02.2019 23:59

    Amulet of Eternal Love 7 99
    Chocolate Amulet 7 119
    Cupid's Chest (pink) 59
    Cupid's Chest (blue) 59
    Musketeer Costume 30 59
    Maid Uniform 30 59
    Salsa Suit 30 59
    Salsa Dress 30 59
    Gentleman's Suit 30 59
    Cocktail Dress 30 59
    Musketeer Hairstyle 30 59
    Bogart Fedora 30 59
    Mini Mohawk 30 59
    Flower Hairstyle 30 59
    Salsa Bun 30 59
    Maid Bonnet 30 59
    Musketeer Costume+ 30 99
    Salsa Dress+ 30 99
    Cocktail Dress+ 30 99
    Maid Uniform+ 30 99
    Salsa Suit+ 30 99
    Gentleman's Suit+ 30 99
    Musketeer Hairstyle+ 30 99
    Bogart Fedora+ 30 99
    Mini Mohawk+ 30 99
    Flower Hairstyle+ 30 99
    Salsa Bun+ 30 99
    Maid Bonnet+ 30 99

    your metin2 team
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    Dear players,

    Standard Wheel Start: 11.02.2019 14:00
    Standard Wheel End: 14.02.2019 14:00

    The Wheel of Destiny is making a return to the item shop!
    It’s all go in Metin2 – test your luck and seize your chance to win today:
    Tons of great prizes are waiting! Spin the fabled wheel and find out what Fortuna has in store for you – if lady luck is smiling, you might even land one of the fabulous jackpot prizes!

    Note: JavaScript must be activated in order to be able to use the wheel. You can do this in your browser settings.

    May fortune favour you!
    The Metin2 Team

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