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  • alexbogdan3092 -

    September events related post coming soon?

  • alexbogdan3092 -

    I just installed the beta version. I transferred/copied my account from the Mt2UK client to the beta client. The login worked, but i don't have my character/s. It says i have to select empire/kingdom, then make a character. And when i try to make a character it says: "You cannot create the character". Is this just a bug, or do i need to wait for the account to transfer completely?

  • tdlsantos -

    wtfk is this shit now???? buffs buged and aura crimson etc are nerfed?
    fck off u guys gonna destroy the game

  • balckcat -

    hours for each august event pls :)

  • Solverson -

    Enjoy vacation!

  • Salvatore -

    Did you get the message I sent you?

  • Solverson -

    during which hours will puffin drop?

  • osem9400 -

    Hello.I accidentally deleted the level task of 49.Octavio missed the task of collecting spider's eyes accidentally. How can I get a job again. MC

  • Solverson -

    during which hours will ebony boxes drop?

  • ahmedkamalan -

    April Fool .Lycanee Introduction :(