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  • Kuyma -

    Hello, today i married to my buff and the wedding ring worked for a couple of hours, i went hunting and it worked perfectly. But after i left dt it wouldn't work and I would get the message: "You cannot wear a wedding ring if you are not married". + There is no husband/wife in Friends tab.
    After seeing the forum, I saw that I had not gone to the wedding planner
    Can you help me I could wed engagement ring
    Thank you

  • dd13 -

    just to be clear i loged in right chanel i am 100% , but ofc u cnow better all ... gl in our work

  • digital -

    great gm that does a lot of work behind the scenes

  • Solverson -

    during which hours will ebony boxes drop?

  • Lion29 -

    Hei you told me you will watch on my thread go check it please :) and let opened delete the violation the link and let the description. I know there are people which want to read it.
    I was searching for help on IRC 1 hour ago or so and no answer ttried to call any GM to check Edward harassing me on more channels.