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  • Sethai -

    Lisjan u suck :D

  • Huny -

    *hat down*

  • Huny -

    And the fab king of spammers.. please accept my salute

  • Mmiaa -

    DONT BE HARSH HUN O.O :stick: :stick: :luvu: :luvu:


  • Mmiaa -


  • Mmiaa -

    HI HAVE A SEXY HUSBAND ON METIN2 :)) :minigun: :minigun: :luvu:

  • SuZyLiNg -

    ARM MAI!

  • SuZyLiNg -


    • Amai -

      Dam nagg it :(

  • CaptainSerbia -

    [font='Chicago, Impact, Compacta, sans-serif'][align=center][size=36][b][color=#000066]PINK BANANAS[/color][/b][/size][/align][/font]

    [align=center]Cpt.Serbia[align=center] :ninja: [/align]was here[/align]

    • Amai -

      One little tip from one spammer to another : Don't use the word "Spam" in your posts.Ask suzyling why

  • SuZyLiNg -

    Keep it gay :love: :heart:

  • BloodMaker -

    :Lpeekaboo: [color=#009999][font='Comic Sans MS, sans-serif']BOOOOOOO!!!!!![/font][/color] :Lpeekaboo:

  • Huny -

    SPAM spam SPAM

    Spaaaaam !!! :pompomc: :pompom: :pompomc: :pompom: :pompomc:

    • Amai -

      Hah you owe me !

  • babygirl -

    wow u rly are a spammer

    • Amai -

      Ya really think ? :P

  • eclectic -

    [color=#006600]***********eccy was here*******************[/color]

    • Amai -

      Mwhahaha i'm getting stabbed now? :P
      And you still didn't answer what kind of brutality you prefer :P

  • It`sOasis -

    Happy birthday,man.
    I wish you a metal day.

    I`ll toast a glass of OJ for you today.

    [spoiler]Song of the day: Amon Amarth-Pursuit of the vikings.[/spoiler]

    • Amai -

      Hey G thanks G :P

  • Xhizors -

    spambot! :Hpipe: :P
    happy New Year! :beer:

    • Amai -

      Thanks for the happy thing.
      I had a perverted night.I know you did too mwhahahaha :|

  • NOWY3008 -

    He is crazy dreamer

    • Amai -

      I dream the american dream denial !!
      So which should it be?
      Do you want to take a coffee?
      Or you just like to listen to (c)RAP?!

  • Delayla -

    [font='Comic Sans MS, sans-serif']im soooo stalking you! :3

    he used to dream about being a stripper, but gived up cuz of woman's lack of interest in naked mens :P

    < my back was here!! >[/font]