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  • Huny -

    Rip to this Board Administrator too

  • Jae -

    Long time no chat? How are you and the uni thing going?

  • DA FUQ -

    [size=10]congratulations for 4th year anniversary for joining Metin2 Team!:)
    [/size]Keep up the good work!:)

  • Sun -

    *trolling Tempest*


  • Ayalan -

    aw , gratz for the ba title . xDDD didn't visit this board that much as I used to ... so didn't know the news , till now . :devilwhip: :devilwhip: :devilwhip:

  • Huny -

    [color=#990000][i][b]Congratulations for our new Board Administrator. ^^ [/b][/i][/color]

  • katatoshi -

    edit: duble post.. couse of my internet :chainsaw:

  • katatoshi -

    He always close threads T.T !

  • Huny -

    [color=#990000][i][b]Temp .. be prepared to be [/b][/i][/color][smod][Content Removed ~Tempest] :devil:

    Whilst I very much appreciate all guestbook entries, language like that isn't to be accepted.

    Hi though ^^


  • eclectic -

    [color=#006600]you smexy beast <3[/color]

  • Rainwoman -

    No, Temp! YOU are a noob!

  • Yuffie -

    [font='Comic Sans MS, sans-serif'][size=12] he`s not a nub ! don`t call my sweet Tempest ``nub`` O.o
    he`s just .. sweet :P . [/size][/font]

  • Rainwoman -

    noobie noob noob the noobie noober noob *takes a deep breath* noobs nob noober! :O

  • Delayla -

    [font='Comic Sans MS, sans-serif']There is no way you could escape from my stalking - attack :3

    - he is doing a really great job ^^

    < my back was here!! >[/font]