Costumes / Hairstyles

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    • Costumes / Hairstyles

      Dear players!

      Start Date: 11.07.2019 00:00 CEST
      End Date: 11.07.2019 23:59 CEST


      Musketeer Costume 15d 39DR
      Maid Uniform 15d 39DR
      Salsa Suit 15d 39DR
      Salsa Dress 15d 39DR
      Gentleman's Suit 15d 39DR
      Cocktail Dress 15d 39DR
      Musketeer Hairstyle 15d 29DR
      Bogart Fedora 15d 29DR
      Mini Mohawk 15d 29DR
      Flower Hairstyle 15d 29DR
      Salsa Bun 15d 29DR
      Maid Bonnet 15d 29DR
      Musketeer Costume+ 15d 69DR
      Salsa Dress+ 15d 69DR
      Cocktail Dress+ 15d 69DR
      Maid Uniform+ 15d 69DR
      Salsa Suit+ 15d 69DR
      Gentleman's Suit+ 15d 69DR
      Musketeer Hairstyle+ 15d 49DR
      Bogart Fedora+ 15d 49DR
      Mini Mohawk+ 15d 49DR
      Flower Hairstyle+ 15d 49DR
      Salsa Bun+ 15d 49DR
      Maid Bonnet+ 15d 49DR

      your metin2 team

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