Ruining of Market by sale everything in IS

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    • Ruining of Market by sale everything in IS

      Once Elie was droped only from xmas golden okey chest and now bcz of that sale auction during the xmas the pc of golden okey ll be down.

      Now Enchant pet is droping from a chest in IS this will ruin the sale of eggs and perfect pets.

      If everything released in IS then market will down and again server will go dead!!!!
      Plz keep some rare items as rare.... then only players will hunt with interest.
    • Was u the guy selling okey for 4won each ?
      The prices on market are crazy high cause low players and if a player got a item he sell rly overpriced. Enchant pet was 15 won thats crazy if u think u can get lower type too for 20 won u can buy a perfect pet .(type6 3skills) If the prices drop will help the new players and the most other players in general.
    • I think many players are unhappy about the market prices . Making highly demanded items expensive contributes on making server dead and wons being worthless , considering that some ask 300w-500w for an item . In general, I think if prices drop , it will make the game easier for everyone.