My experience with 6+7 bonus system!!!

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    • My experience with 6+7 bonus system!!!


      First i thaught ok lets try to 6+7 bonus all my pvm items , after i succes 4 of my items with 7 bonus i alread got 2x bleed and 1x poison head was pretty much -content removed- :banghead: I spent over 5k dr in the bonus wheel ending up with 4x orison.(i was rly happy) First i started to change my fireshoes(50hp + 5% poison chance) after the first orison i got 4th bonus +3%/2% bleed...after the second orison i got 50sp+1% poison chance. I was rly close to throw my laptop out of the window :dash: The third orison was 3%poison resistance+ 400 hp.( ending up with this bonus after 3 orison kinda -content removed- me up too ) So now i finally got my fireshoes without bleed or poison but got still 2 more items with bleed but only 1 orison left haha. Two weeks later this auction comes and they put orison for like 500dr=3 orison. I was like are they sirous i spent 5k dr in the bonus wheel and now i can buy orison for so cheap ( if u ask me thats rly greedy and bad management of the itemshop) but yee i was happy cause i need orisons!!!Whatever i knew i still got 2 items with bleed so i drive to the petrol station and buy 2x 100euro paysafe card.
      After the auction was finish i got 37x orison and felt myself like the king of the 6+7 bonus :thumbsup: I started directly to 6+7 bonus all my other pvm items in the same time i changed my dragon steel helmet (350hp+ 3% bleed ) 12xorison later i got multiple times bleed or poison or other useless bonus like power of... 1~3sec or 5-15 attack value or 50-100 sp/hp or 1~5bonus +1-10%...The last orison was 350hp+power of earth 1sec( i wanted to change more but the fear for bleed or poison was to high) In the end i used all other 25 orison and the best i got was 500hp+3% resist vs bleed on my whaleborn armour and 30atk value+power of fire 4sec on my heaven tear braclet for beran ;( Ohh and i managed to remove bleed or poison of all my items... This System brings cancer to your life... I know i was so stupid to think that the 6+7 bonus will improve my Warrior but once u started with this system its rly hard to make a cut cause of so much noob bonus or bleed or poison chance...

      The only reason i did this post is that i wanna show u how much this system sucks and i hope people think about twice before they start adding 6+7bonus!!!!! Webzen+ Gameforge did a really good job with getting money from players without giving anything back to the player !!! Sure there are some lucky guys who get good bonus fast(there are no real good bonus if u ask me)

      Sorry for my bad english...

      Smoky regards,

      #6+7bonus is cancer

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    • Hy, German Player passing through.

      im not really shure abaut some things, but in pretty much every item can be awarded with poison/blood as 6.7 Bonus.
      Also there are like 20 other different bonus to get in height 5 15 30 50 Aatack Value and so on.

      Also I dont want to talk your Warrior Down in skill, but even if you have Blood/poison in your Equipment, with spirit sword and the high atack Value youre pretty much garanteed to kill a boss like Razador with decent Equipment (like +6 Stuff)
    • one thing i dont get ppl have already implemented 6th and 7th in some P servers, wihtout any funky waiting periods and chests, just stuff that work. Why cant the developers look at the code, and write somethign similar that can just work with some minor tweaks and twists, instead of making a sluggish, annoying system from scratch that simply doesnt work. It has been like this for pretty much every major update.