Zodiac rank list

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    • Zodiac rank list

      We are from the Dutch server .. and not as far as you in the UK.

      Maybe you know the answer.

      How is this possible !

      We did a Zodiac Run with a group. We did it twice in one evening. Both times we reached the top 10. The 4th and 6th place.
      The group that was in 10th place before we did the run should disappear from the list after our victory, I would think

      On the contrary, this group moved from 10th to 9th place in the top 10 in stead of dissapearing from the list.

      Are there special rules for this ranking list, or is this a bugg? And do you also recognize this ?

    • Well their time is fit for rank 9, maybe it just displayed wrong before or smt, idk honestly. Probably best to ask the staff xD Or just try another run and beat them again and see what happens (beat them with another party, so not the exact same members).
      ps. Come to UK server ! We'd love to have more Dutchies around in Chunjo, quite a few here already ;)
    • @Chanez

      The Dutch server is dying. Most players here are hoping for a merge with the UK-server or the Danish server. We already asked our gms for this. They say they have mentioned it to Metin2 managers but till now there is no information about this.We keep asking and asking...Maybe you (UK players)can also ask for a merge with the Dutch? :D Maybe it helps..I really would like to merge with you.But starting all over again in Uk, starting from 0 , ( took me almost 8 years to get lv 120), is no option for me.
    • New

      If just all the dead server merge with UK it would be perfect.... The active players on the dead server will play even more and then the UK server will be more active aswell...I dont get it, why they dont merge communities.