Is it worth to start playing again?

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    • Is it worth to start playing again?

      Hello everyone!

      I know probably hundreds of that kind of posts were made but I was too lazy to look for one :D :rolleye: Soooo... does anybody recommends this server? I was playing few servers before but most of them are kind of extinct now :P Will I enjoy it here? :)

      P.S. This is a video of ending game on my previous server. "Officially" the merge wasn't possible at that time - that's why most players quit (2 months later it happened lol :P ).

    • Hello,

      I watched your video posted and i do not understand why you threw everything on the floor even if you did not play, you could leave them there.

      To get to the subject i will not take the ban, if you want to play here you have pluses and minuses.

      for me a big minus is the market and the players,find something very hard, and if you find it very expensive

      here a LPA+9 with s+4 with hp its 250kk, fms+9 avg 38 s+4 its 7-8 won, but i do not understand why like other communities these are lpa 70-80 and fms max 2 won. small lvl items are very expensive

      with this version 19.3 i m pro for a new server, but how?

      an international server but only open here on the en community.
      if it opens on communities like DE,RO,PL,ES,TR no one will play here. and again for one year a server will stay open and will merge with 4 5 players

      I have played for almost a year on global us in 2 3 players, I was a boss at the farm because there was no one i was getting out of it all,when I came to universalis i sold everything i did and i went out a lot on the plus but i did not have fun at all because i did not have anyone.

      if you are going to universalis leave me a message here in the forum i will also help you with something welcome
    • Gonna be honest, i won't recommand anyone to play metin2 again, i would feel ashamed.

      Let's get straight to the point.
      The early game is all about creating a lot of accounts and open as many windows as possible. Here if you want to evolve you have 5 possibilities :
      • Make 7 characters level 30 and start mining with all of them. Nowadays refined can be sold for 1.5 - 2kk (was 3kk two months ago) but it's a dying business because people keep lowering prices, they want to sell fast. Sadly, lowering prices won't do anything good because the target of the refined are top players, they don't care buying for 1.5kk or 3kk.
      • Make as many archers lvl 30 to get 5 blessing scrolls from the chest lvl 30. You can upgrade fms +9 and resell it 100kk clean if it's an okay one. You also loot poly marbles by the way, 5kk for a random one and 10kk for a minion savage
      • Same as above, you can also make lots of chars lvl 30 to farm dragon stones
      • Make lots of chars lvl 40 to upgrade items in the demon tower
      • And finally, if you have a potato pc and cannot open many windows, you can try to fish with a fishing book. But recently the business is dead because we just had a fishing event. Also, to get a 30 days fishing book you need 42 dragon coins. You can buy 50 dragon coins in-game for 100kk.

      If you don't do one of the method above you have a very high chance of quitting the game quickly

      And if you want the ultimate method : throw your money in the item-shop :rolleyes:

      So yeah... make your choice ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    • It's always a lovely idea to come back ! Join us on Chunjo, OldSkool guild and we'd love to chat with old players and help you get up to date with the game.

      P.S: That video almost made me cry... The nerve ! I quit like 9 years ago from metin2 US but never dropped items like this but meh server closed and i never knew what happened to my items and accs. When i came bk after some years to ask they told me players had a merge link for a small time and that's it. So i started UK server almost a year and a half now and i'm quite happy here (not because of the game itself but because of the friends around me).

      Hope to cya soon.