Mental war

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    • Hello,
      After 2 years i decided to start play again here if anyone can help me i know is personal decision but i want to hear your oppinion if anyone will reply
      I will play full pvm, and question is i got mental war 77lvl p p g5 g1 skils, lycan 70 lvl m6 m7 m5 m6 skils and lycan m6 m6 m6 skils... Idk to chose lycan whit bad skils or mental war whit good maded skils... I think mental war is not so good in pvm good tanker bud bad whit bosses
      So idk any help here what to do i got prety much alot of wons left to spend on gear so gear is no prob.. But im not dc user so lycan skils will go slow thats main reason to dont know what to do... Is worth to go whit mental war pvm? Or take lycan even whit m skill?
      Ty for help and sory for bad english
      Gl&hf ppl‍♂️ :sniper: