Rate drop of jigsaw chest's

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    • Rate drop of jigsaw chest's

      Hi, i've come here to say that the drop rate of the jigsaw chests is soooo low without d4mn ItemShop fishbooks, only got 15 in 30/45 minutes...

      No i will not waste time dropping a "rare" fishbook that only lasts for 15 minutes in metin stones...

      And i have a pole +4 , imagine new players with poles +0...

      Cya. :dash:
    • Testreg wrote:

      the drop rate sucks but you can get the fishbooks (3 hour ones) from iron boxes (drop in grotto randomly, relatively easy to get)
      Ok but why i will waste money to try opening iron chest's? I pretend to make yang without wasting what i have, and new players cant afford such a thing. I know a friend that in 30 minutes got 0 chests... , everybody should have the same rate drop, its not fair in my opinion, that's all.
    • The fishing book is only to get the premium fishing puzzle pieces (not sure how they are called) with which you can finish the puzzle faster and get better reward (in 4 moves I think?) but you can get normal pieces without the box and a pole +0 easily enough :P
      I tested this event a bit and I made 2x M boxes in about 15mins (don't know how many puzzle pieces total tho, didn't count those) without any kind of extra stuff. Just a fresh pole+0 some worms and a fishing marble (even tho I'm not even sure it helps with the new system)

      And Motorhead is right - it's all about luck anyway so all hail the RNG gods
    • A friend of mine did a test, in 45 minutes with fishbook he got 500 chests , and without he makes 30/50.

      Its not about chance and luck, its about to get a d4mn fishbook, with coins or wasting your yang and pray to get a 1/3 hours fishbook...

      If its a event for everybody it should be equal to everybody , this events tilts me up, in 3 hours fishbookers can get 3000 chest, me not even 200, thats what about im talking....
    • I don`t know if new system reflect, because I didn`t try it yet, but before this system it was all about the technique of fishing. With pole +0 is easiest because you don`t go for rare fishes(because every + on pole make you better to catch rare fishes) and chance to catch more fishes(and boxes) is bigger. Adding marble was perfect.
    • Making Money from "FISHBOOKS"

      Came back after nearly a year..
      Saw fishing jigsaw event. (happy)
      saw new fishing system. (happy)
      But saw drop rate.. (these people are messing with us. completely ridiculously stupid money minded non-sensible good-for-nothing people.
      Turned this game into a complete PAY-2-WIN game right after buying from z8games. No wonder this game is going down.
      May God have mercy on your souls xD....)
      bye bye!
    • I had enough fish books from iron boxes stacked over the years that it was enough for this event and I still have leftovers so yea that's not really an excuse but it's still a d*** move from them to make the system like this. Before the fish system overhaul every time you pulled something out of the water u got the puzzle pieces. Now there is only a chance of that... Would be reasonable if you got something every time u hit 3 fish in the minigame but that can fail as well so its double fail chance so that's lame from them