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  • <p>Event start? The Fish Puzzle Event will resume today at 15:30 CEST.</p>

    I have lost count at how many times you have been warned to not open new threads in general section with complains, when it is the wrong section and when there is an active topic on the subject

    Yet again, you disrespect all the friendly and official warnings you have received, and once again you get another warning for this, and for the usual spam

    B.9.I Spam (advertisements and meaningless posts) is not allowed. This means messages that don't contribute to the topic, messages containing less than five words or messages containing nothing but smilies. Spam can also include replying or reacting to spam posts

    E.2 Users are asked to write new topics in the designated sections of the forum, please read the forum description to know which section suits best for your thread. Please also try to give an accurate description in your topic title, bad examples are "help", "what's this" and "character", good examples are "Return scrolls not working", "problem downloading client" and "Offering broad sword".

    E.3 If you want to create a thread to ask a question, or about a particular topic; then please use the Search function first. Searching for keywords may help you locate an existing thread on a topic. Threads created for the same purpose as a previous thread will be closed.

    The rules you will never learn to respect until you are permanently banned from this forum

    Official warning for a minor offense issued

  • If I got £1 for everytime they failed to activate Fishing Event I would have £3.
    Soon I might be rich. :dunno:
    I lost myself into the night
    And I flew higher
    Than I had ever
    But I still felt small
    I clipped my wings and fell from flight
    To open water
    And floated farther
    Away from myself