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    • Hello guys,

      I started playing Metin like 10 years ago and have stopped for a long time until now.

      I was wondering how is the state of the game and community, shops, prices etc.

      I realize the enfasis on P2W as every game made these days apparently.

      Is there guild wars happening? Is the game stale? Updates on the way for the future?

      I enjoy the grind but the question is: Is this game dead or still worth to put in my time (and money)?

      Thanks for your answers and hope to see you all in game,

    • I started a month ago, i can tell the game is pretty empty but not dead yet. Haven't seen a guild war so far.

      I think the hardest part of the game begins at lvl 30 because at this moment you have to grind a lot to buy a decent stuff. Prices for items with bonuses are high. For example, boots 29+9 with 2000 HP costs like 600-700kk.
      Fishing : clams 900k, white pearls 10-15kk, blue pearl 2kk, red pearl 1kk
      Mining : 1.8 - 2kk everything (was generally 3kk when i started)
      Metins : aura 6kk, enchanted blade 2.5kk, haste+4 25kk

      If you don't farm dragon stones you have to waste your entire days just to buy one freakin good item.
      Powerfishing tutorial :

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    • Thanks for all the input guys. From all the advice and from the little I've browsed through the forum, it seems even the Mods are saturated of the game/community and clearly without energy to try and improve it.

      Sadly I'm not coming back to this server, and will instead have a look to the DE and see how that goes. The staff there will surely be more willing.

      I already had a character here from a while ago, but it seems PvP is dead which was my main interest and why I liked metin in the first place. It also seems there's some good community members here, so I wish you all the best and maybe see you in another server one day.