Metin2 Create No Appropriate Device

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    • Metin2 Create No Appropriate Device

      Dear All,
      I hope you all are doing well.

      I am writing to seek help regarding technical issues running Metin2.

      I am experiencing an error upon clicking start game that says "Metin2.CREATE_NO_APPROPRIATE_DEVICE". I bought an HP laptop with specifications shown below in Sept. 2018 and have been experiencing this problem ever since.
      I searched google for months to find a solution; and have tried those:
      1. I updated Intel Graphics card several times.
      2. I troubleshot compatibility mode; used previous versions of windows.
      3. I tried difference resolutions.
      4. I tried disabling the Intel graphics card to use the Radeon card.
      5. I set my laptop to best performance and turned off battery saving mode.
      6. I tried all modes and resolutions and all settings in Metin2 application.
      7. I re-installed Metin2 several times.
      None of those methods were successful although they have been successful with others experiencing my problem. After contacting support they stated that the problem is in my graphics card. However, I used to play on a desktop computer with Radeon 2350HD graphics card which is incomparable to my new laptop's graphics card.
      Can someone PLEASE help me solve this problem? I have been offline for 9 months now and I really miss playing with my friends.
      Note: Plenty of other games which demand higher specifications work on high quality graphics but Metin2 refuses to run.

      Thanks beforehand and looking forward to getting back to game.
      Mechanical Engineer at SATS - GJU
      My laptop has the following specifications:
      HP Laptop 17-by0xxx
      OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit Version: 17134.765
      Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8250U CPU @ 1.60GHz
      System memory: 12GB; 8GB Micron 2400MHz & 4GB Samsung 2400MHz
      System board: 84CB KBC Version 74.27
      System BIOS: F.33
      Hard Drive 1: SanDisk SD9SN8W-128G-1006 - 119.24 GB (SSD)
      Hard Drive 2: ST1000LM035-1RK172 - 931.51 GB (HDD)
      Display Adapter 1: Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620 - Version - Date 30th April 2019
      Display Adapter 2: Radeon 530 Series - Version 23.20.808.2304 - Date 23rd February 2018
    • Hi

      Although you already tried manipulating the resolutions, have you read about this ? (i cut the urls to avoid moderator approval which takes years)

      Apparently the game was designed to run in 800x600, maybe you'll have to create a customized resolution in your display panel and then choose the same res in the metin2 config file. Sounds weird and stupid but why not. Also try running it with admin mode