Vote: Event for the month of June?

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    • Vote: Event for the month of June?

      Which event in the month of June? 35
        Science (Monster for quests from the NPCs: Biologist Chaegirab and Seon-Pyeong) (14) 40%
        Traitor Balso's message (Monster for quests from the NPCs: Uriel, Lee Chung and Admiral Angmur) (13) 37%
        Supporting war device (Plagued Archer) (8) 23%
      Hello there

      You can choose an event of June.
      We have 3 events to choose from.

      Everyone has only 1 vote.
    • Traitor Balso's message

      Lee Chung and Admiral Angmur went to Uriel to end their suffering. The tasks for the strong heroes of the kingdoms were difficult to deal with. Many heroes lost their live to fulfill these tasks. Even Uriel had the task to find the disappeared diary pages, which was a problem for him. They gathered to make a plan to support their heroes and got a important message from the traitor Balso. The dark horde will gather and kill many heroes in two areas of our kingdoms.Uriel, Lee Chung and admiral Angmur need help! They will tell you where to find the horde ingame!Find and kill the dark horde before they bring darkness to our world.


      Supporting war device

      Scouts reported to the captain that there will be dark forces coming to us in the future. Realizing with dismay that the "Supportive wartools" are way less than needed with a delivery of arrowheads being held up for a few days already. But Uriel knows where to find a large amount of these arrowheds...



      Useless.... Useless.... Useless... I can't work, said Chaegirab and thumped the oak table. Seon-Pyeong looked confused and said ”You are right my friend, most of the jewles i got from the knights are useless.” After a short time they calmed down and realized they had to support the knights of the kingdom. So they went to Soon. In his libraries they found an old book telling them that there would be monster coming to research things in two areas around them..They packed their gear and went out with the hope to gather all the heroes of the three kingdoms.