Superstone event not active.

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  • Superstone event not active.

    I understand it takes too much work for someone(a GM) to go on metin2 for a minute and activate the event that's been said in May Events post.
    What we get instead is a automatic message saying "Superstones - high - begins!"
    Please don't tell me it's on cause no one found a stone and I searched every map where 70-90 stones spawn.
    It's not the first time an event is not active when it should be this month... You really don't care even a little bit about us ...
  • So since you understand so much, exactly how you think the event is started?

    Since apparently it's the GM's fault that don't bother for a minute to go and start the envent, please do tells us more how we the Gm's have failed in not starting the event, i'm curious, please teach me, how can i go and start the event, how can i care so much about our beloved players , players that know so much about events starting that they would never go on forum talking nonsense about GM's starting events, no no, so knowledgeble players that would never do such a thing and that show such a consideration for the staff, players so considerate that deserve all the care in the world

    So please, please enlighten me, tell me please, share that knowledge, tell me how exactly can i go in metin and activate the event?!

    You have no obligation to know how events start, that is obvious, but since you don't know, you have the obligation to not assume that GM's start it, or even that GM's can do anything about it

    The order for the event to be started is put on a calendar by the coma, and only the coma has access.
    If something goes wrong with the script, we can only see after, and as always compensate runing the event later or compensating with another one

    And sorry to tell you... if you got the message, seems like the event ran, since the announcement is part of the code that runs the event, therefore even without checking i can already tell you that it's far more likely that you are wrong and the event ran.

    Anyway, topic closed for the ignorant accusations

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  • So the event was running after all, seems like someone jumped the gun on the ignorant accusations..

    One thing i can guarantee, nobody touched anything, this is 100% your mistake on searching, before you come out and say that we started the event after you complained

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