Ramadan Event

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    • Ramadan Event

      Show your benevolence and earn the riches of the desert! Celebrate Ramadan with us, become an Oriental prince or princess and enjoy the company of small camel pets!

      The Ramadan event starts on the 2nd of May at 14:00 CEST and will end on the 11th of June at 14:00 CEST. Pay regular visits to the Historian and earn yourself some valuable items for your dedication.

      The Ramadan Event consists of two parts.

      Part 1: 02.05. – 04.06.2019

      During the first part of the Ramadan Event each monster you kill will have a chance to drop Bread.

      You can either choose to

      1.) Give the Bread to the Historian to receive Sweets, which will provide you with a 30-minute Buff (Movement Speed +10, Damage +5%, XP +10%).


      2.) Combine the Bread with a Donation Plate (available in the Item Shop) to create a Food Donation. The Food Donation can be given to a Fasting Citizen who will reward your kindness with a Blessing Chest.

      Blessing Chests may contain a variety of items such as Blessing Marbles, White Pearls, Reinforce Item, Concentrated Reading.

      Part 2: 04.06. – 11.06.2019

      During the second part of the Ramadan Event you can receive a Blessing Fruit from the Historian every day. At the end of the event you can turn in all the Blessing Fruits in exchange for a Black Horse Seal.

      The duration of the mount will depend on how many Blessing Fruits have been turned in.