Starting from zero, and progress ^_^

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      If u guys dindt knew, my favorite class is ninja archer,
      Sooo now i introduce you guys my new char and im thinking it will be my main ( ill explain after) . I just love ninja archer, and there are not many archer's in this server, so i decided to create one, and it will be interesting to see the progress i can make, because there are not so much information about this class, what makes harder to lvl up e.t.c ^^ .

      This are the char's im playing with:

      - OneTwoFour: Dropper/Farmer, who will get me yang to sustain my chars ^^

      - OneTwoBuffs: Buffer, who will give me boost in pvm/pvp.

      - DarwinTheory: Main, for fun, like some duels, chill, e.t.c.


      So my warrior will stop for a while now, to get some good equipment to high levels;
      That's why in future ill post more progress from my ninja now, and i think it will be interesting to see a progression of a ninja archer , cause that's rare to see. ^^

      What u guys think?
      Take care, bye! :thumbsup:
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      Hello no jutsu! :ninja: X/

      Got 4 helmets lvl 21 +5 let's try them to +7?

      ( Made 2 +6 / failed 2 )

      Let's try +7 '__'

      o____o ' Got 2 helmet's +7 :twitch:


      Quick update:

      - Inicial horse mission - DONE :thumbsup:
      - Failed 2 fire arrows books in a row :banghead:
      - Lets go now lvl 30 8)


      Selling :

      - Piece of gems;
      - Piece of broken armor;
      - Scorpion tail;
      - Spider Webs;
      - White gold refined's;
      - Stones +0/+1/+2


      - Shield lvl 41 +6+/7
      - Ebony Earrings +6


      Take care, bye ^^
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      Just a question guys, what do u think of my skill's build of ninja archer?

      Im doing:

      Fire Arrow / Posion Arrow / Spark / Repetitive Shot / Arrow Shower / Feather Walk

      I chose Spark first insted of Repetitive Shot because of the area damage it deals, it helps me so much in PvM and PvP when i need to separate my opponent from me. A awesome skill in my opinion ^^ .

      Oh and what status build should i do? Like 2 dex 1 vit? And after?

      PS: I think now INT gives more skill damage in ninja archer if not mistaken.

      Thanks ^^
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      About skills - feather walk is completely useless imo but other than that the order seems alright
      About stats - my archer has dex/str/vit maxed cuz even if int would give more dmg that doesn't really help if you are dead cuz you have no hp :D
      my ninja was lvled to 55 and I started from there and with decent items already so I put full dex & str back then but as a beginner going for 2dex:1vit sounds reasonable enough
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      Yo :D

      Today i went to Demon Tower, my first try :rolleye2:


      Its sooo cool :D , Btw it spawned a jewleer blacksmith, and i had a Heaven's Tear Earrings +7 , i catched on the floor in map 1 .___.

      Let's try +8 shall we? ^^

      Yea the luck is real xD...

      How much is that worth? Should i try +9 ?

      Thanks to Zelah and his friends for climbing me .__.

      Cya :D
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      Hey, today we got more upgradings , take a look ^^ .

      +7 ^^ :hail:

      Im not having luck selling my stuff in blue kingdom, so i went to yellows to try my chance xD

      PLEASE save fire arrows and poison arrows , ill buy them all xD

      Thanks to Sannin for giving me a bow lvl 30 +9 with 11% average damage :buddy:

      (Robyk stop fooling me noob) :LMAO:

      Bye :thumbs: .
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      Im selling:

      - Heaven's Tear Earrings +8 Clean
      - 6 Piece of Gems
      - 4 Poly Marbles
      - 7 White Gold Refineds
      - 12 Snake Tails
      - 12 Scorpion Tails
      - 10 Fish Bones
      - 10 Spider Webs
      - 4 Piece of Broken Armor
      - 6 Scorpion Needle
      - 12 Amulet Orc +
      - 4 Spider's Poison Sack

      Ive put this there cuz i cant sell anything... :/

      Pm me if u want something, thanks ^^
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      I used to play this game in 2009, 2012, 2015/16, not sure if I should come back, this brings some nostalgia. What are the current prices for AoS, Enchanted Blade/Armor, Sura armors, refined ores? Especially Diamond, HT, Ebony and WG?
      Can you post a screenshot of how many people are active in Jinno at the moment and Shinsoo please? My kingdom was looking pretty dead so it was all solo and eventually I stopped.
      Enchanted Blade - M6
      Enchanted Armor - 14
      Fear - 1
      Dragon Swirl - 1
      Finger Strike - 1
      Dispel - 0

      Selling Ebony, Heaven's Tear, Diamond and White Gold.

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