Starting from zero, and progress ^_^

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    • Starting from zero, and progress ^_^


      My nick is OneTwoFour and im here to make my way up, from zero xD :P

      Im new on the server, and if u guys could help me , where to farm i would be in debt with you all ^^

      Ill post all my progress here so new players can see, and and serve as inspiration for them :)

      I never used IS, and i wont use it, if that means i have to farm hard, i will ehheh <.<

      I dont understand too much from lvl 35+ cause i never reached in other servers (im noob) ;/ , so if u can give me any tips where to farm e.t.c, i would appreciate xD

      Here is what i got now: Im lvl 21: Tiger Plate +7 / Iron helmet +5 / Pentagonal +7 ( a guys just gave me that and i was like ARE U KIDDING ME? ) / Copper earings +6 / copper necklace +2 / shoes +4 / Silver bracelet +6 /

      My question is: im good for my level, and do i stop at lvl 21 to farm upgrading materials? Thanks ^^

    • well, i think you should just go for some metins for yang and buy all the horse medals you need or just go drop them yourself then rush for lvl 35 to get your horse as fast as possible then you can start to farm seriously on city2.

      take advantage off this easter event (and all events in general)

      #DeadCommunity. ;(

      waiting for international merge
    • Keep farming the low level monster and try to get some Bear galls / White hairband all this kind of items and resell them.

      When you have atleast a FMS+9 ( lvl 30 sword ) and a horse lvl 10 you go level up lvl 35, get your horse lvl 11 and start farming lvl 25-30-35 metins
    • I agree with Xazo and six. Getting a mount is really hard now, the other option is to get a Lvl 35 horse. Find a way to become rich (mining ?). Save money for a FMS+9 and items with HP bonuses. Marry your buff with your main character.
      Maybe destroy as many Easter metins as possible to get "Bonus Transfer" items, the one i gave to you currently worth 40kk

      Alright, wishing you good luck for your future.
      See, i joined the forum :)
    • Brubru <3

      I wont forget you my friend, i hope u dont too ^^

      Today my friend Brubru gave up on playing metin2 , a friend i talked every day in the game, and shared our progress together. ;(

      I hope you comeback friend, im here waiting for you :p

      PS: Tomorrow ill post some progress for you guys.

      Good Game ^^
    • Hey guys how ya doing?
      Im doing fine, i got luck as shat....
      Look at that xD

      I had more two bracelets +6, one i broke to +7 and another i sold for 5kk xD

      Today I spend some time in desert (almost 1 hour) leveling up to 23 and a half, and i drop:

      - 5 Spider Eyes
      - 3 Spider Webs
      - 6 Scorpion Tails

      Oh and i dropped 3 magic eggs as well, ill post more later what i got in those eggs.

      Road to lvl 30!

      Good game ^^
    • Yo!
      Another day another post, and more progress :p

      So.... i went to city 2 to drop some ornaments to upgrade my Tiger Plate Armor to +8 , i had 2 Tiger Plate Armors +7 and i was feeling lucky that time, so i went to blacksmith to try my chance ...

      Hummmm, what do you think it happened? Huuum?

      I GOT ONE!!!! HELL YEAH!! ^^


      I got lvl 25 too! What should i do now? Where to farm?

      Special thanks for giving me tips where to farm , et.c goes to:

      - Google Tradutor
      - Skie
      - Sannin
      - SerbianFighter
      - Brubru <3
      - RTX2080Ti for trolling me every day ;c

      See ya! ;)
    • Thanks for all your support <3

      Yeah i know shards are a really nice font of farm, but i i know 0 of alchemy xD
      Maybe when i reach lvl 30 ill start to mine to make some yang ;p

      Ive farmed many blacksmith materials to do my upgrades, later ill post a print of what i got ;D

      Oh, and if anyone is interesting im selling:

      - 1x Iron helmet +4
      - 2x Traditional helmet +6
      - 2x Jade Necklace +4
      - 1x Zen Bean
      - 3x Copper Necklace +3 / 1x Copper Necklace +7
      - 3x Bamboo Skin Shoes +0

      I know it's not much but i need to make yang okay? <.<

      See ya, and thanks for your tips ! :D
    • Sup!

      Today i have good and bad news, ive sold some good items that i drop on magic eggs (easter event) and blacksmith materials.
      I managed to do 50kk from them ;)

      - 2 Zen Beans;
      - 2 White Pearls
      - 2 Red Hairbands
      - And still i have a bónus transfer costume, that i dind't sold yet.

      Bad News:

      Sadly, i broke my Tiger Plate Armor from +8 tp +9 ;c

      Good News:

      It costed me 45kk, did i made a good buy, or it was expensive?

      Btw, what should i buy now? A Full Moon Sword? A Red Iron Blade? Have a reply ^^

      Cya! :)
    • Sup!

      After i blow up my yang in the Iron Plate Armor +9, i decided to try the new fishing system and try to make some yang, fishing.
      It took me almost 4 hours to fish almost 2 inventories.

      So..... let's see what i got! :)

      65 Fishes:

      - 8 Clams

      - 10 Fish Bones

      - 37 Dead Fishes


      Well i think it's not bad , but not good, i think the new fishing system is more interesting now, but it takes more time to get a fish im my opinion...

      Ill try mining next post. :p

      Let me know if u guys are enjoiyng this stuff xD