Update 19.2: Ramadan in the Desert Heat and Sixth + Seventh Bonuses for Gear!

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    • Update 19.2: Ramadan in the Desert Heat and Sixth + Seventh Bonuses for Gear!

      Dear players,

      Please note, that update will be installed, during maintenance on 25.04.19

      Spring is a time for rejuvenation, and this latest update comes very much in the vernal vein, bringing an extra jolt of power for your items. Unlock sixth and seventh bonuses for your gear to add beneficial attributes and improve them even further! Here’s what’s in store:

      Sixth and Seventh Bonus
      Add extra bonuses to your equipment items and make them even more powerful: overcharge your gear for combat with the sixth and seventh bonus. Pay a visit to Seon-Hae and collect powershards to give your items some extra fizz! The 6th and 7th bonus can include class-specific bonuses

      Ramadan Event
      This year’s Ramadan Event takes place under the inexorable heat of the desert sun. Help to supply the fasting citizens with bread and present your donations on a plate from the item shop. Your good deeds will be well rewarded: transform yourself into an Oriental prince or princess with the new costumes and pick up some cute camel pets!

      Tri-Monster Memo
      Flex that memory muscle and show your quick wits to win the new Tri-Monster Memo minigame! Find the 9 monster trios hidden among the 27 cards in the shortest time possible. Match up the cards and collect the best rewards!

      Have fun,
      The Metin2 Team
    • Change Log 19.2

      Dear players,
      Update 19.2 comes with some great new features for you. Level up your items with sixth and seventh bonuses, scoop up cool rewards in the new ‘Tri-Monster Memo’ minigame and join the celebrations in our Ramadan Event!
      Read up on everything to expect in our change log:

      Here’s what’s new:
      Sixth and seventh bonus
      Tri-Monster Memo minigame
      Ramadan: New costumes, hairstyles and pets

      DSS tooltip adapted to suit the text, in particular when the effect is active.
      Weapon skins can now be soulbound.
      Iron Seals are now available on the Gaya Market.
      Adjusted the Yang drop rate in Devil’s Catacomb.
      The version is now displayed in the game.
      Pets: Added a message which indicates if the slot is still locked but you try to use a pet skill book.

      Bug Fixes:
      Fixed an error which caused issues between the pet and storage systems.
      Fixed an error which caused the fishing interface to randomly close.
      Fixed an error which caused the mast in the Ship Defence dungeon to lose HP when certain effects were used.
      Fixed an error which caused the guild territory window to use the original client language rather than the one chosen from the multi-language system.
      Fixed an error which prevented players unblocking/blocking the group option.
    • Update 19.2 FAQ

      You can improve your equipment even further with the new update, enjoying extra power in battle with the sixth and seventh bonuses!

      You require an item with a 5th bonus to add a 6th bonus.
      Your item must have a 6th bonus to add a 7th bonus.

      Visit Seon-Hae in the first village to add bonuses.
      It takes 24 hours to add the sixth and seventh bonus. During this time, Seon-Hae keeps hold of the item and it is unavailable to you. You can reduce this time by using a Time Spiral.
      The bonus added is randomly determined.

      Various powershards are required to add the bonuses. The equipment level determines the type of powershard needed. The following powershards exist:
      o Grey Powershard
      o White Powershard
      o Green Powershard
      o Yellow Powershard
      o Blue Powershard
      o Purple Powershard
      o Red Powershard
      o Rainbow Powershard
      o Lucent Grey Powershard
      o Lucent Green Powershard
      o Lucent Yellow Powershard
      Powershards can be found in Powershard Chests, but with some good fortune they may also be dropped by monsters and bosses.
      You can redeem 10 Skill Books with Seon-Hae to receive a Powershard Chest (costs 100,000 Yang). This may contain a random powershard.
      Lucent powershards are rare and can be looted from bosses and powerful monsters.
      The chance of adding a bonus increases by 2% for each powershard used (up to a maximum of 20%).

      You can use additives to increase the chances of success. Up to a maximum of 5 such items can be used at once.
      Small Additives (5%) can be bought on the Gaya Market.
      Medium (10%), Large (20%) and Power (50%) Additives can be purchased from the item shop.
      Additives provide the full bonus if the maximum number is used.
    • Update 19.2 FAQ

      A new minigame is now available. Flex that memory muscle and show your quick wits to pick up the best rewards in Tri-Monster Memo!

      Defeat monsters and collect Tri-Monster Memo Cards.
      The game begins as soon as you’ve collected a full Tri-Monster Memo Set, earned by redeeming 27 Tri-Monster Memo Cards.

      When you click on a face-down card, it will be turned over revealing a monster.
      Reveal a trio of monsters (i.e. 3 identical ones) and they stay revealed.
      As soon as you’ve found all 9 trios, you get your reward.
      The rewards you receive depend on the number of attempts you required.

      If you don’t reveal all 3 cards after the game begins, another card will be turned over at random and counts as an attempt.
      Similarly, a card will be revealed if you don’t turn over a card within 10 seconds. This also counts as an attempt.

      You cannot collect your reward if you teleport to another location during the game or if you log out.
      Don’t carry out any other actions during a game and do not teleport via an NPC to ensure the game isn’t interrupted.
      Only change locations once you have completed the minigame.