Sura ARMOR +9 , PS+5 , Amethyst+9 , Nimbus+9 , HTN+6

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    • Sura ARMOR +9 , PS+5 , Amethyst+9 , Nimbus+9 , HTN+6

      Fog Plate Armor+9 (Lv48) 1000 HP 10% Absorb HP 15% Wind 6%Arrow Def 10%Claws Haste+4 Eva+4 Ducking+4. STARTING PRICE: 13 WON

      Nimbus BOOTS+9 (Lv51) 10%arrow def 1500HP 15%2 hand 10%Crit MaxSP+50. STARTING PRICE: 6 WON

      Poison Sword+5 36%avg damage DeathBlow Monsters Penetration+4. STARTING PRICE: 4 WON

      HTN+6 1500HP 6%EXP 8%Yang 15% ARROW 10%Fan. STARTING PRICE: 4 WON

      Amethyst BRACE+9 2000 HP 10%Absorb HP 10%LIGHTNING 10%Undead 4%Mythics. STARTING PRICE: 6 WON