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    • CryoBunny wrote:

      Sunday 17.03.

      0:00 – 23:59 100% EXP
      Is it just me or this didn't happen? Didn't see any announcements during the day (usually when there is such an event you get to see that every time you log in/change char) and also waited for the day to end to make sure my already bad exp rate doesn't suddenly go worse (which it didn't) so yeah... Did I have to activate it somewhere myself at some npc or is it just one of those times again when you forgot to activate it? :huh2:
    • I think you have right, because i was about 6 hours in Grotto 2 and just make 20% exp at 92 lvl. And also i had + 200% exp from item shop ring, normal ring 50% and potion of winsdom 3h +100%.

      Im mad and disapointed for GM's team who forget to up exp bonus to the server :monster: