Solution for the Error Code 26001 on cheat blocker

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  • Solution for the Error Code 26001 on cheat blocker

    Dear players I have found the solution to fix the error code 26001 that players have been having issues with when trying to load the metin2 client..

    So what I had to do was deactivate/ turn off my antivirus, then i loaded the client it worked, I figured that I didn't risk my computer with my antivirus off so i restarted my pc and then i turned the antivirus back on, and then i loaded metin2 client and then all of a sudden the metin2 client loads properly without loading any errors even with the antivirus on..

    This game always has these unusual issues, like back then when it was advent calender event I had problems gaining the daily rewards from that advent calender event, I was on full screen client and I clicked the bottom left corner of the spinning coin and it didn't load the Item shop advent calender, an in game player told me to switch the client from full screen to window mode then when i load the client on window mode and click spinning coin then now I could retrieve the rewards from advent calender..

    Note: from this I find that in order to solve issues on this game you either have to alter something to the opposite in order for the issue to be solved ..