Pet Enchant

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    • Pet Enchant

      Hello I have a question about this pet enchant item, and I can't find the answer for my question on wiki becoz it simply says used to modify pet type stats, so when using enchant pet, does it only modify the type of the pet or does it modify it overall like the skills, hp and etc? if thats the case would it still be effecitve to use on pets that are heroic?

      Secondly one off topic thing since i rarely use this forum but when are there gonna be more channels?? we need more then 3..

      Thirdly, for transport box, this has to be a good idea , but for that transport box when selling/trading or giving away pets it should display the pet type because recently I heard alot of complaints from players saying that people are scamming others with pets.. when someone claims to be selling a type 6 pet they end up giving type 2 or 3 from what I heard
    • With Enchant Pet you can change the type of the pet(you can get type 7 and 8 only with Enchant pet), which also will change your pet hp stats, skills number(If your pet had skills on the time of the upgrade, they won't be affected - will stay same number ). Let's say your pet is type 2 at the moment and you upgrade it to type 6 - type 2 gives 0.2-0.3 each jump where type 6 gives you 0.5-0.6... Also if you age it 100+ days that will count too and you will be able to get even better results.