Level 20 Mounts

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    • Level 20 Mounts

      Hi! At the last tombola (not the vallentines tombola) I got a Lion Mount Level 20, and I wanted to send it to another account, and the thing isn't tradable, or even negociable, since when this changed? I wasted Dragon Coins, to get a tradable mount, and it isn't, i rided it, and it didn't even gave the "+10%" defence, my defence was the same riding or not riding...
      Didn't something change and i didn't knew?
    • The +10% defence is more like 10% resistance not actual defence (like lv70 bio) and as far as I know that particular mount has never been tradeable so nothing has changed. Most mounts are not tradeable. Right now I can think only of 2(+1) that are - wild battle boar and all the exp bonus tigers (and the things you get in grotto are technically mounts and tradeable :D ) but maybe there are 1 or 2 more. Just maybe.