25 % on Biologist Package, Desert Storm Chest, Valentine's Wheel

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    • 25 % on Biologist Package, Desert Storm Chest, Valentine's Wheel

      Dear players!

      Start: 25.02.2019 00:00
      End: 25.02.2019 23:59

      Biologist Package 119 25% 89
      Desert Storm Chest 139

      NEW Valentine's Wheel Start: 25.02.2019 14:00
      NEW Valentine's Wheel End: 28.02.2019 14:00

      Wheel List of Prizes (UPDATED!):

      Royal Tiger Crystal
      Flame of the Dragon (B)
      Power Chest
      The Chest of Kings
      Eternal Winter Chest
      Enchant Item+
      Desert Storm Chest
      Dragon Scroll
      Enchant Item
      Reinforce Item
      Blacksmith Handbook
      Magic Stone
      Red Potion (XL)
      Wind Shoes+ (tradeable, 90d)

      Potion of Wisdom (3h)
      Emotion Mask
      Feather of Lovers (2231)
      Emotion bag
      Earrings of Harmony
      Love Bracelet
      Earrings of Love
      Harmony Bracelet
      Necklace of Love
      Necklace of Harmony
      Engagement Ring
      Exorcism Scroll
      Chest of the North
      Scorpion Tail+
      Shrunken Head
      Teddy Box Valentino+
      Teddy Box Valentinia+
      Chocolate Amulet
      Cupid's Chest (pink)
      Cupid's Chest (blue)
      Stone of Monsters+4
      Stone of Evasion+4
      Stone of Ducking+4
      Stone of Magic+4
      Stone of Vitality+4
      Stone of Defence+4
      Stone of Haste+4
      Anti-Magic Stone+4
      Anti-Magic Stone+4
      Unknown Medicine+
      Snake Tail+
      Headgear Voucher+
      Weapon Skin Voucher+
      Stone of the Blacksmith
      Cor Draconis (Rough)

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