Xmas Server (Comet) – incomplete forum details and disappoinment as rewards.

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    • Xmas Server (Comet) – incomplete forum details and disappoinment as rewards.

      22nd November 2018 and 16th January 2019 there was event which i participated, after reading the rules, the rewards i was fully convinced about the events positivity and huge rewards.
      The time i played i worked on accounts on 4 different emails. In 1 of the email i had 3 characters. On all of those characters (total 6) i achieved level 75+ and completed 80 missions. And i wasn't the only who understood from the posts that all of the rewards, including coupon codes, will be given to a character regardless of in what account it was.

      After the event was over i received codes for 2 accounts on different emails, and after a search there was a post in german forum that only one highest completed character in an account will receive the codes. No information was given on UK forum and i had to admit that i was only valid for 4 coupons instead of 6.

      After contacting the staff there was a promising reply that i would have to wait untill they come but only 1 per account. After bit time i got 3rd coupons. But 4th wasn't anywhere so again i waited and waited but nothing. Few days ago i contacted them again and answer was " nothing i can do at this point, codes are no longer valid "

      Also the drama that players were doing illegal actions while opening the chests. Resulted with frustration and made me change my mind about this whole event, not that the event itself was bad. But the communication between Us the players and Gameforge, there was either langage barrier, or no real interest to solve the problems players had. With a soul answer " nothing can be done "

      It made me wonder, was there even an attempt for something to be done ? I wrote this here since i hope it will get more attention than the private messages and tickets or will it just be closed and removed with the purpose to get an reply with answers we seek.
      1) Will the players who did more than 2 character in same account with knowing they will receive a coupons for both or more characters or a compensation for the time they spent while acting on misleading information?
      2) Will the mistake that led players to be, lets use word Absent, from the game due to mistake they were not even aware of, be admitted by the source of origin?
      3)Will the codes will be given or a compensation to those who got told to wait for your codes but they did not come?

      And if you can understand it would be kinda right thing to do to compensate, it wasn't our fault, and i as a metin UK player, i don't think i have find information about Gameforge held events from DE or any other country forum, the people who are responsible of giving them out are getting it from same source.
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    • Fair point EST. I had a similar experience. Although I enjoyed very much playing on Comet, I am very disappointed on how Gameforge communicated with us regarding the rules. I had 6 characters level 75+, three of them sharing the same account and I received cupons for 4 of them just like you, after I raised a ticket complaining that I received only two. The answer I got was that it wasn't stated anywhere that we will receive cupons for each character. My point was that it wasn't stated that it won't either - a rule like this should be mentioned from the start, to leave no room for missunderstandings.

      Overall I am satisfied with the experience and the rewards - at least I got rewarded for each account. In your case, is clear for me that they made a mistake. Hope they realise that and find a way to compensate you.
    • I agree that this event had way too many misunderstandings/miscommunications. They didn't give us all the info about this and when we ask about it all they say was sorry but its too late now we can't do anything. I did get most of the rewards (didn't get all because yet again - miscommunication), at least got the ones that were the reason why I came to Comet but still only after I sent a ticket... That's kind of disappointing in the attitude of the team :(