Bat Chest

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    • Dear players!

      Start: 09.02.2019 00:00
      End: 09.02.2019 23:59

      Bat Chest - 35 DC

      Not a real chest, you simply get one of the possible items after the purchase.

      Additional Info regarding Bat Chest

      "Robin is bursting to get out and stretch his wings! This species lives up to its name as a ‘collector’s edition’: he automatically gathers up items lying on the ground for 24 hours.

      Open this chest today and with a bit of good fortune get your hands on the little bat in its shrine, or one of the other useful items!

      Possible contents:
      • Robin’s Shrine
      • Green Dragon Bean
      • Blue Dragon Bean
      • Mark of the Guardian
      • Potion of Haste
      • Stone Handbook
      • 5x Passage Ticket
      • 5x Cor Draconis (Rough)
      • Sun Elixir (E)
      • Moon Elixir (E)
      • 10x Potion of Attack +15
      • 10x Potion of Speed
      • 50x Bravery Cape"

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