Sellvk Selling List

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    • Sellvk Selling List

      Windshoes+ 15DAYS 6Won 49kk
      Silver Bracelet+9 5bad bonus 3Won
      Sura lvl 21 Helmet+9 20undead 3,5Won
      Gold Threaded Shoes+9 3bad bonus 3Won
      Ebony Earrings+9 10Arrow,10Animal,10Movementspeed+2bad 3Won
      Copper Necky+6 1k hp,10Arrow+3bad ones 2,5Won
      Woodenshoes+6 1khp,10arrow,5krit+2bad ones 2,5Won
      Sura Helmet lvl 60+4 10Fire,20Hp regen,5hh,6devil,2Sp 2,5Won
      Ghost Plate Armour+9 (sura lvl 26) 1,5khp 3Sp,5HP,10Claw,6Fan 2Won
      Sura lvl 42+7 Eva+4,Haste+3,1,5kHp,10Arrow,3Hp,6Dagger,6Bell 1,5Won
      (We can talk about the price if u have a decent offer or close to my wish price kinda) gl.