Alchemy success rate

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    • Alchemy success rate

      My complaint is three parts...

      1st) Obviously the success rate at Alchemist has been reduced since the Mythic update, I find it unfair and unprofessional to not make the players aware of this reduction. You are well within your rights to implement the change, my complaint is with not letting the players know about it.

      2nd) This is an old complaint but it wasn't worth bringing up on it's own... now that you've done the above complaint I feel it's time to mention it as well.
      When the cor draconis wheel was implemented it was well worth buying coins to spin it as you could get the special wins of 8, 24, 48, 64, 128 cors in one spin and also mystical cors and they would come like once in every 50 spins of the wheel. I bought 8000 coins and was happy enough with the results that the 2nd time the wheel came I bought another 4000 coins to start with full intention to buy more when they ran out.... The problem is the rate of the premier wins was lowered dramatically to like once every 200 spins and was no longer worth spending money on. lvl 1 was still ok but lvl 2 was a pure waste of money. All lvl 2 gave me was 150 green dragon beans that you can buy for 10 dr but each spin on lvl 2 is like 35 dr. The 3rd time it came I thought I'll try it once more to see if the rate was better... the rate was just as bad so after 1700 coins (one complete trip through lvl 2) I just stopped and didn't spend anymore coins.

      The wheel begins today and I'll tell you now I have no intention to spend 1 coin on it. The masters of the Metin2 universe think that if they lower the success rate it will result in people having to spend more to succeed... This 100% the opposite of the truth. If there was better success on the good cors I would likely be buying another 5000+ coins today, as a result of the reduced success rate I will buy none.

      3rd) This is also becoming the same on item bonuses, it is so rare to get a good flip now that it's really discouraging and going to end up in me not buying enchant items. I don't think you guys understand you are losing players and money due to these actions. If you think making it take 300 flips to get a decent bonus is profit producing, you are dead wrong.

      Please fix the rates and start giving people a reason to buy coins. I'm not seeing a reason to spend thousands of euros to get nothing from it. :dash: Reward the people who pay for the game to continue.