Give me ONE could reason to keep playing

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    • Reaperess wrote:

      Shanez wrote:

      Reaperess wrote:

      [i]The Main Reason why players leave is the community. This is a MMORPG and players solo and keep everything for themselves. No one goes now to party a boss. They better make 2-3 accounts. Don't blame the developers. Blame the market and the players. This are only the same old players who over years keept digging. I came back after years and see a lot of improvement in the game. And I don't see players report bugs when they happen. Not to add that bots used by players still run around and no one does a thing about it. [/i]
      Wouldn't be so hard to make your items if you farm a certain thing in parties of 4-8. Everyone will get to shear.
      On other games I played. I never played alone.
      Since I restarted 3months ago. I didn't receive any help from other players. I had to solo everything. Is getting depressing and I am looking for other games with better community.

      And for the game development. Get this server stable. Why Commet with few players gets 6 channels and you keep on Universalis thousands of player and same amount of metins. You won't get your coin if the players leave.
      Should have joined Chunjo / OldSkool guild! xDWe make tons of runs with full groups, we even do dragon sometimes with 8 people lol. Obviously at times we do a few solo runs to make some quick cash, but overall we try to help each other with runs. I mean I could solo zodiac run, but where's the fun in that? Same for dragon, much more fun in helping people and enjoying the game together. There's plenty of people on this server who are willing to help each other, not bcz they gain from it, but bcz they like it. But yeah also tons of people who are selfish. Just got to choose the right people to play with! ^^ :ohyeah: :beer: :luvu: :cookie2: :thumbsup:
      I am sure my agressive way of playing wont be a fit in your playing family guild. Beside I left Chunjo for this main reason (been there done that). I am not going to ritually smootch the tree and play the happy family house. Now when I am level 96 I dont need anyone's help with horse mission.

      cifoks wrote:

      I think our UK staff care what ppl say they probably agree also about some misstakes that gameforge and webzen make but its just sad when gameforge is saying they care about players opinions but when updates come it doesnt really look like it that they care about any opinion, There should be developers who actually know how things are going ingame not just on UK but also other servers
      They do care beacuse players bring the coin, but also the players need to report bugs and they also need to make decisions about this game. What Gameforge needs is a Beta server where they give u tons of items and exp to test the maps. Beside is easy to implement something new in a game then just sort out the bugs.

      I dont know how you dont find rooms and metins guys cause whenever is event or just for farming I find the metin right there. May be is just me.

      >Say community not helpful. >Gets told/offered help. >Doesn't want to play with friendly players. >Doesn't want help.
      Don't contradict yourself perhaps?

      There's absolutely no problem with friendly players who play "house". They're the most genuine/generous people around. It's very refreshing not seeing a bunch of toxic players.

      I find it very odd that people would want to play aggressive on a game. Perhaps there's something wrong in real life where you use the game as an escape mechanism?

      PS: Just because people are sitting in map1 doesn't mean they're doing nothing. I'm pretty sure you have multiple farming accounts aswell. Don't talk about things you know nothing about. Your assumptions are only going to drive you crazy.
    • Playing aggressively is still considered playing (look who's assuming). There is always a black sheep in every family but just because someone does things in a certain way doesn't mean they are bad people and should play in a certain way that you considered correct. For that are Game Rules. Other communities found it different and found a way around it. [/i]
      Of course game is boring when big players come to low maps and harass low levels. This game is build on players that invest a lot of time and money to feel important in front of other people they'll never know (but still assume) or by people who make profit of this player's vanity.
      I do underline again that I consisted from the beginning that the community is broken. And since SILENCE is not active, but still remained top. You come with such arguments that is sometimes wrong with the GF team and bot giving us more channels and not giving us 100% success rate. Remember 10 years ago when you started and you party at Bo. Sit in DT runs to make an item +9. That makes you happy? Beside barking here and think I contradict myself and is something wrong with me please take a step in the mirror. I don't see you finding a way around. As for me soon as I get my PC fixed I am sure I will delete the game. Going to enjoy better communities that are more suited. Unless I find some players that enjoy my style.
      And btw I do show some respect to other players who put effort in what they do in this game with out mommy plastic. And if I ever done something like give items or level up, I will don't care if those people turn then against me.
      P.S. next time don't spam. When server is on. You addicted metin2uk player.
    • Yes, you can play whatever style you want. Just don't go on about how this community killed itself and you never received any help from any one, then when someone nice offers you help, you go ahead and be exactly the person/ type of community you don't like.

      Yeah, you can play aggressive and still be a great person. But what you did was come of as aggressive and a big snob. Hmm "been there done that" "that's why I left chunjo" "I'm too aggressive for your happy play house guild" "I don't have time to play happy house with your guild" "ritually smootch tree in map1" "I don't need help with horse mission".

      And I bet you never even gave the guild a chance, you just go on about how it's spoon fed the players. But in reality, you have no idea how the guild plays. Pffft you're just a hater. A very entitled aggressive snobby hater.
      You're the type of person I'd hate to be in real life and in-game.

      I'm not even going to carry on with you, I'm going to get back on topic and say...

      Everything about you is most definitely one of the reasons NOT to play this game anymore.

      PS: Couldn't care less, if the server was offline or not.
      PSS: lel u mad bruh?
    • @Reaperess,

      You are absolutely right, your aggressive approach to things is not what we seek in our guild. Anyway, you were claiming things which we know for a fact are not true, hence the reaching out to help you enjoy your time here more than you are currently doing. But you've made it clear that the problem isn't the community, who is willing to help you out, but you are.
      The community isn't broken, it is the perception of some players (such as yourself) that make people believe it is. The game is still very much alive and there is still tons of fun to be obtained on this server. True, the game isn't what it used to be, and certain changes have been for the worse instead of enhancing the game, but it's a game and they try to evolve it. However, salty players will always keep complaining about the negative aspects of the changes and never praise the good stuff that has been implemented. I can't blame you for that, as is the human nature.

      But you are claiming that you are a decent person and that you respect others who earn your respect, yet your words show otherwise. Please refrain from taking more salt lol.

      Anyway, since you already announced that you are thinking of deleting the game, i wish you all the best and take care. Shout-out to all who feel lonely and need help, and are willing to help others too and who would like to contribute to a fun and family feeling like guild, are free to PM to join the guild :rolleyes: :beer: :ohyeah: