Still 3 Channels?

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    • Still 3 Channels?

      I know I speak for most people(especially those who hunt in Forest) when I say PLEASE ADD SOME MORE CHANNELS!@!@!@!@ First off it is borderline impossible to level your character in any decent spot nowadays. For example I usually level my character at destroyers in forest, which is by far the best area to level, since the 3 channel thing I haven't been able to literally ONCE been able to get a spot there, and I mean within a 48 hour period there is always 1-2 people at this spot. When you take a spot people cry about it then call their guilds to come kill you then talk about unwritten rules for PVM in Forest. PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE I JUST WANT TO LEVEL MY CHARACTER. I am not intending for this to be rude but as more like a splash to the face with water. We all appreciate the time you guys spend to take care of this game, well at least I do and I would rarely say you make horrendous decisions regarding the game but please fix this, the majority of high level players in this game is your DC spender base and we are unable to buy anything to level up when we have nowhere to do this in.

      Long-Standing Nerd
    • At least add something like intermittent bonus chs during the holidays or something..., the last moonlight event (1st part) I couldn't even find a clear spot in v3 on all 3 chs, every room was taken, same applies for v2 big spider rooms (literally every room containing them) every ch, BO also every spot on every kingdom taken, temple with eso tormentors same sad story for for every spot containing them and the place with boogiemens, (forgot about v1 but u can guess), there are a few places where mobs meet the criteria to drop decent amounts of moonlights and every spot was taken... only single thing u could've do is pack ur tent the night before and wait to make sure the room is urs...

      Also, some "emblematic" events are coming like valentines with cupid chests and then easter eggs xD ,and it's going to be a nightmare trying to farm metins with only 3 chs..
    • -content removed- Flags for aniversary event have to be reset? what does it means? ----------

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      Hello dear Metin 2 friends,

      My name in the game is Bayrampasa and i am level 35 from the Jinno kingdom.
      I would like to see more channels in the game like many other farmers because the amount of players is rising.
      Can everyone put a +1 under this discussion so that we can inform the Gm's what to do.

      Yours sincerely
      Bayrampasa level 35

      :* :* :*