Birthday Party and 1st Update for 2019

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    • Birthday Party and 1st Update for 2019

      Dear players,

      We’re starting 2019 with a bang, celebrating both Metin2’s 12th anniversary and the release of the first update of the year!

      Here’s what you can look forward to from 22nd January:

      12 Years of Metin2 – Anniversary and Boss Reaper Event from 24th January
      The kingdoms are decked out ready for the celebrations, but monsters have nicked all the colourful flags! Hunt them down and retrieve the Party Flags. Exchange them for a slice of birthday cake from the NPC Cherie and benefit from a 100% EXP bonus for 30 minutes. Had your fill of cake? Cherie will give you an Anniversary Coin up to 7 times per day for your Party Flags. These can be used to buy loads of useful items from the Anniversary Merchant!

      We’re also launching an anniversary special of our popular Boss Reaper Event. Hunt down the Shadow Warrior, earn hits and use this chance to pick up a Bronze, Silver or Golden Decimus Chest which may contain valuable Anniversary Coins.

      Free Bonsai in the Shop
      Pick up your party gift from 24th January. Available once per account, collect your free pet Bonsai and take the pint-sized warrior with you on your adventures!

      Expanded Dragon Stone Alchemy
      There’s been much discussion about them, but with the release of version 19.0 we’ll see an expansion to the Dragon Stone Alchemy system with the introduction of Mythic Dragon Stones. These stones belong to a higher class and can have between 3 and 6 bonuses.

      We’ve taken your feedback from the last open beta on board and introduced a new item as well: the Flame of the Dragon allows you to reroll the bonuses on your Mythic Dragon Stone. You can get this item from boss monsters and the item shop.

      More Storage Security
      In order to provide better security against theft, we’re requiring you to change your storage password every 90 days. By way of reward, you receive 1 of 4 storage bonuses which last for 90 days. The following characters are permissible in storage passwords: a-z, A-Z, 0-9. Using the same number three times or a row of consecutive numbers is not permitted.

      New Item: Time Spiral (10%)
      Patience may be a virtue, but waiting is a pain in the neck! Thankfully you can use the brand-new Time Spiral to save valuable time. It reduces the waiting time before you can hand in another research quest item by 10%. You can find the Time Spiral in the item shop.

      Tips and Tricks
      A new feature with this update, the loading screen now displays a wide variety of handy game tips.

      Have fun,
      The Metin2 Team
    • Change Log 19.0


      Dragon Stone Alchemy: Mythic Dragon Stones

      •A new class of Dragon Stones has been introduced: ‘Mythic’.

      •Mythic Dragon Stone bonuses can be changed using the Flame of the Dragon.

      Storage Security

      •In order to increase security, the storage password must now be changed regularly.

      •Players receive 1 of 4 storage bonuses by way of reward.

      •The following characters are permissible in storage passwords: a-z, A-Z, 0-9

      •Three times the same number and rows of consecutive numbers are not permitted.

      New Item: Time Spiral

      •The Time Spiral reduces the waiting period before you can hand in a new research quest item to the quest giver.

      Loading Screen Hints

      •Loading screens now display handy game tips.


      •Erebus: A message now indicates when you only have 1 minute left in the dungeon.

      •A confirmation window appears when attempting to destroy or feed an item with 3 or more bonuses to a pet.

      •Thief’s Gloves are now visible in the character window.

      •While transformed, characters cannot use skills. This applies to all classes.

      •A server message appears when the Combat Zone rankings have been reset.

      Bugs & Misc.

      •Fixed various causes of server crashes.

      •Fixed an error which caused elemental resistances to have no effect.

      •Fixed an error which caused certain damage calculation errors when using a Polymorph Marble in combination with the biologist quest rewards.

      •Fixed an error which caused the server messages in Erebus to display the wrong time.

      •Fixed an error which caused player characters to get stuck in their pets’ graphics.

      •Fixed an error with the alchemist.

      •Fixed an error which caused the wrong rewards to be given out for the level 105 quest.

      •Fixed an error which prevented mounts from disappearing after their duration had expired.

      •Fixed an error whereby the X button did not work in the character selection screen.

      •Fixed an error which caused the skill name to appear in numbers when using the Status Reset Document.

      •Fixed an error which caused potions and skills to disappear from Auto-Hunting after resurrecting.

      •Fixed an error which caused interface windows to close in the wrong order when pressing the Escape key.

      •Fixed an error which allowed players to be attacked by aggressive monsters even in the safe zone.