Mythical Alchemy

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    • Mythical Alchemy

      Dear players,

      we are aware that the introduction of Mythic Alchemy has earned us a lot of criticism and sparked a highly controversial discussion when it was first announced as being part of patch 18.4. Your constructive feedback has been highly appreciated and as a result we decided not to implement the new system right away and took some time to reconsider.

      While Mythic Dragon Stone Alchemy will be part of today’s update 19.0 it comes with the option to change the inherent bonuses of Mythic Dragon Stones. This will also add new relevance to pre-existing PVM content.

      Bonuses can be rerolled by simply visiting the Alchemist and choosing the option “Mythic Dragon Stone bonus change”. Please note that It will only be possible to change bonuses for Dragon Stones of the Mythic class and that newly-added items called Flame of the Dragon will be required and consumed in the process. The number of required Flames of the Dragon for performing a bonus change rises with the clarity level of Mythic Dragon Stones.

      As aforementioned, Flames of the Dragon will bring new relevance to pre-existing PVM content as they can be obtained from the following boss chests:

      • Dragon Watcher Chest
      • Beran-Setaou's Chest
      • Nemere's Chest
      • Razador's chest
      • Bagjanamu's Chest
      • Jotun Thyrm's chest
      • Hydra Chest

      In addition, Flames of the Dragon will be offered in the ingame shop.

      We hope that the introduction of Mythic Alchemy with the option to change bonuses is going to appeal to you and we are as always looking forward to further constructive feedback.

      [i]After the maintenance all Legendary Dragon stones will be unequipped. This is done to prevent Legendary Stones from being destroyed by removing them manually so that you do not have to be concered about taking any risks if you want to further upgrade your Stones. While we are aware that some of you might criticize this course of action we made this decision because we took your concerns seriously.[/i]

      Your Metin2 Team