Announcement Going Through Bugs and Complains

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  • Going Through Bugs and Complains

    This section is made to make the hard work from the Staff to find what in the Game/Forum is not working properly. Anyhow, in order to have a trustworthy list. We need you to follow this:

    1.- Use in order to find out if your problem has already been reported.

    2.- If your problem is about the Server being down, please check the Announcements forum to see if it's a known issue.

    3.- Make sure that you've cleared your cookies and cache. As well as Updated properly the client.

    4.- If you want to report items or dragon coins missing, please do it by making a ticket on and choose BUG REPORTS. don't do it here.

    5.- Bans and Mutes are not discussed in this forum.

    6.- Hacks are not posted here, please contact in private any Staff member.

    7.- When making a new thread:
    Attach screenshots when it's available.
    Please let us know any information that you may think it's required or useful. No matter if it seems to not be directly linked with the trouble.

    8.- The Board Rules apply here as well.

    9.- Be polite and friendly.

    We know that having something that is not working is annoying. But being rude won't help.

    10.- Avoid spam.
    Messages like "I'm having this trouble too" will be warned as spam. Instead of posting that. Add your computer specs. To see if it's only an user trouble or a system trouble.

    11.- Adding something to a complain/bug report.
    Make a post that is constructive and add something worthy to the thread.
    If you know a solution, feel free to share it.

    12.- Please use the Template that is provided when creating a new thread. As well as the Prefixes that are in the section.

    If any doubt please don't hesitate on contacting the moderator who is in charge of this section.

    Thanks for your help!

    Remember that the Staff reserves the rights to Update or modify this thread providing the appropriate notification.

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