Server Comet will stay online for longer

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    • Server Comet will stay online for longer

      Dear players,

      since the server Comet was perceived so well we decided to leave it opened for just a tad bit longer. The server will be closed on 31.01.2019 at ~10:00.

      Shortly after that it will be possible for you to queue in your transfers. These work just like normal transfers as well, meaning your char will be available for you on the target server after the following maintenance. If you queue up your char(s) for transfer directly on 31.01.2019 this means they will be available on the target server after the maintenance on 07.02.]2019.

      You will be able to queue up chars for transfer until 28.02.2019 ~10:00. After this no further chars can be queued up for transfer.

      Your Metin2 Team
    • Additional events, for the Comet Server

      16.01.2019Wednesday12:00 - 18:00Concentrated Reading
      17.01.2019Thursday18:00 - 23:59Green Strength
      18.01.2019Friday12:00 - 18:00Blessing Scroll
      19.01.2019Saturday18:00 - 23:59Nightmare Seal
      20.01.2019Sunday12:00 - 18:00Cor Draconis
      21.01.2019Monday18:00 - 23:59Purple Ebony Box
      22.01.2019Tuesday12:00 - 18:00Green Magic
      23.01.2019Wednesday18:00 - 23:59Superstone
      24.01.2019Thursday12:00 - 18:00Passage Ticket
      25.01.2019Friday18:00 - 23:59Enchant item (b)
      26.01.2019Saturday12:00 - 18:00Concentrated Reading
      27.01.2019Sunday18:00 - 23:59Blessing Scroll
      28.01.2019Monday12:00 - 18:00Purple Ebony Box
      29.01.2019Tuesday18:00 - 23:59Cor Draconis
      30.01.2019Wednesday12:00 - 18:00Superstone
      31.01.2019Thursday00:00 - 08:00Green Ebony Box