Making Yang (2019)

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    • Making Yang (2019)

      Any one has any useful tips on how to make yang as in collecting the money rather then selling?

      Looked up some info on the web and nothing seems to be explaied very well + most of then are outdated.

      Thanks in advance,
      Class - Shaman
      Level - 34
      Server - Universalis
    • best way to make yang are events (moonlight or fishing event) you can also farm shards on all your chars, put the cors in keeper and open all on your main char (25 cors per day) and mining and making refs like heavens tear, ebony, silver, copper etc. can be a ok way to make yang as a lower lvl

    • For higher levels, Blue Dragon runs are rewarding, even if you go in a group of 4, that would still be 30kk+ per person. But that's more for 90+ people.

      For lower levels, the old ways apply, Demon Tower runs, metin farming, shard farming, event items farming, with event item farming being the most rewarding one ^^
      There aren't really specific monsters at lower maps worth farming atm i think, but i could be wrong ofc.

      lvl 1-74 --> metin hunting, Demon Tower runs, shard farming, event items farming
      lvl 75-81 --> catacombs
      lvl 82-120 --> high lvl dungeon runs (blue dragon, razador, zodiac, nemere, jotun, meley, hydra) and forest farming
      For all levels, metin hunting, shard farming and event items farming is worth it ^^
    • since u r lvl 34 i would advise to stay lvl 34/35 max and farm map2, mostly farm metin stones u can drop skill books, sometiems stones+4 and also upgrade materials such as piece of gem ( around 800k - 1kk each) black uniform + ( around 500k) red hairband ( a bit rare, drop from metins lvl 25 but pc is around 5-7kk each )

      just before u go farm make sure u have thief glove aka double drop

    • If u can make a char 20-25 and farm white oath mobs that way u get white hairband+ red hairband and some others that ppl constantly buy and farm map2 with a 35 char pref a war body.
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