Items needed for Catacomb yang farm

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    • Items needed for Catacomb yang farm

      I got a lvl 80 sura with P ench blade and G Armor.
      I am planing on doing the "autohunt" yang picker.

      But how much undead and hp absorb/Sp absorb do I need for it to work?

      Is it useless without double drop yang bonus?
      Do i need bonus yang and immune against blackout for it to be profitable?

      Thanks for any tips :D
    • If you use the itemshop autohunt versions (allows you to use skills) then you don't need to worry much about hp abs. Sp abs probably 10-15 should do the trick. Undead - the more you have the faster you kill the faster you drop yangs. And last but not least - double yang drops helps but you still get decent yangs without it. If you don't have or can't find a shield with 20yangs and immune then one with immune and 20undead will work just fine :D
      Also you might be interested in making a pet lv81 with yang drop book in it :D helps a bit too. Monkey or baashido works best if I remember right.