x-mas stockings

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  • He's probably trying to make you think and understand, but since it didn't work, i'll give it a go

    1.You deliver them to santa claus

    Obviously there's a limit, it is clear that farming 1400 stocking on one char is a waste, what most people do is farm enough to deliver every day on many characters, since this is one of the few events tha has no limitation of level, you just need to make new chars

    wich answers your second question

    2.The drop is not folley, your approach to the event was folley

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  • Whops I read too fast.

    If you just finished collecting 1400 socks it is already too late. The event won't last long and all remaining event items will be deleted.
    But yes you deliver 5 per day and since they are untradeable there was no need to farm that much.

    Thanks for the enlightenment
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  • Yo Skilganon.

    I know you are triggerhappy and rude but slow down buddy. IT IS FOLLEY since the only purpose everything more then you need to the storekeeper. unless you want them taking up capacity in the inventory. think man think:

    why not just put a limmit on the drop, like 5 a day. -anything more is folley :)

    i asked the question since i wasnt informed that there wasnt anything to do with them. Now i am informed and im baffled over lack of thought.

    But hey that just the way it is. <<2pac
  • Why limit to 5 a day? Why would people be limited and have to hunt everyday if they can simply hunt a couple days and have socks for the whole event? (like everyone does)

    Just to prevent people that don't pay attention or don't check wiki from farming 1400 socks in one char?

    Why would everyone's event experience on the event be ruined just so that people that don't pay attention don't get 1400 socks?

    Topic closed, as it was answered, and as usual, somoene didn't enjoy beeing pointed out to be wrong


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