Changelog 18.5

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    • Changelog 18.5


      - Christmas 2018: new Costumes, Hairstyles, Pets and Mounts will be added.

      - Lycans: new permanent Lycan hairstyles were added (will be available soon).


      • Mouse scroll is now possible in the character UI.
      • The Feather Walk skill for pets now only gets activated when characters are in combat.


      • Fixed an error in the description for the pet Snowbell.
      • Fixed an issue where an EXP buff did not appeared in the Character UI.
      • Fixed an issue with the set bonus for the Chocolate Amulet and Valentino/a pet.
      • Fixed an issue with some pet skills that now shows real values and not converted to decimal numbers.
      • Fixed an issue in the quest text for the level 92 quest “Red Thief Letter”.
      • Fixed an issue that emotions could not be used from the quick bar.
      • Fixed an issue with the nicknames in the quest “Alarm in the Zodiac Temple”.
      • Fixed some issues on the Demon Tower map.
      • Fixed an issue with the horse skill “Arrow Storm” that was not counting for the defense bonus.