XMas Season 2018

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    • XMas Season 2018

      Metin2 Christmas Season 2018

      Are you in a Christmas mood yet? Then take part in the popular Okey Event between 29th of November (00:00 CET) and 6th of January, and earn spectacular prizes.

      Defeat monsters to earn cards. As soon as you've collected and stacked together 24 Okey Cards, you'll automatically receive an Okey Card Set and can play a game. The aim of the game is to make combinations of sets and runs.

      A set consists of three cards with the same number (e.g. 7, 7, 7). The lower the number on the cards, the fewer points you'll earn for the set.

      A run consists of at least three consecutive cards (e.g. 6, 7, 8). The lower the number on the cards, the fewer points you'll earn for the set. Runs in the same colour will earn more points than multicoloured runs.

      Game Instructions
      1. Left-click on the deck to reveal the first 5 cards.
      2. Earn points by selecting 3 cards. (NOTE: Left-click = select card, right-click = permanently discard card)
      3. The more points you earn by the end of the game, the better your prize.

      1) You can pause your game at any time by pressing ESC. Changing map or teleporting will end the current game!
      2) Once discarded, cards cannot be restored, so think carefully before deciding!
      3) Cancelled games will NOT be refunded! Choose where you want to play your game wisely.

      More to come.
    • Christmas Side Events Universalis

      Saturday 01-12-1814:00 - 18:00Passage Ticket
      Sunday 02-12-1812:00 - 23:59100% EXP
      Tuesday 04-12-1820:00 - 23:59Cor Draconis
      Thursday 06-12-1818:00 - 22:00Donner Seal
      Saturday 08-12-1814:00 - 18:00Green Ebony Box
      Sunday 09-12-1818:00 - 22:00Pet-Book Chest
      Tuesday 11-12-1820:00 - 23:59Green Dragon Bean
      Thursday 13-12-1814:00 - 18:00Researcher's Elixir
      Saturday 15-12-1811:00 - 18:30Find the correct Ice Witch
      Sunday 16-12-1816:00 - 20:00Crimson Ebony Box
      Tuesday 18-12-1818:00 - 22:00White Lion
      Saturday 22-12-1816:00 - 20:00Cor Draconis
      Sunday 23-12-1818:00 - 22:00Enchant Item(b)
      Monday 24-12-1814:00 - 18:00Blessing Scroll
      Tuesday 25-12-1812:00 - 16:00Gift (violet)
      Wednesday 26-12-1820:00 - 23:59Moonlight (normal)
      Saturday 29-12-1812:00 - 23:59100% EXP
      Sunday 30-12-1818:00 - 22:00Crimson Ebony Box
      Monday 31-12-1816:00 - 20:00Fireworks
      Tuesday 01-01-1914:00 - 18:00Moonlight (normal)
      Friday 05-01-1918:00 - 22:00Reinforce Item(b)
      Saturday 06-01-1920:00 - 23:59Cor Draconis