Pinned Server Merges – Quicker and Easier Than Ever!

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    • Server Merges – Quicker and Easier Than Ever!

      Dear Community,

      It’s time to join forces and explore the world together – we’re merging the servers and bringing Metin2’s players even closer. Meet new allies and discover fresh rivals!

      The server merge takes place on 15/11/2018.
      Servers Universalis and Elvedin are being merged together.

      Please note: We have completely optimised the server merge process, making it faster and easier than before. After the merge maintenance, you can decide for yourself when you want to proceed with your merge. As soon as you log in the first time, you’ll automatically be placed in the queue to be merged. It may take a couple of hours for the process to finish, depending on the amount of player traffic.

      Of course, this has resulted in a number of fundamental changes. Please read the FAQ in advance to prepare yourself properly for the merge. The most important details are summarised below:

      [*] Characters: No characters will be deleted. All the characters belonging to an account will be transferred. The character selection screen now has multiple pages where you can find and select all your characters.

      [*] Kingdom Swap Event: If you had characters in different kingdoms before the merge, they will be assigned to the same kingdom (chosen at random) on the merged server. If you’re unhappy with your new home, take advantage of the Kingdom Swap Event after the merge. For 30 days you can find the NPC Heuk-Young standing around in the first town. Talk to him and get one free transfer to another kingdom per account.

      [*] Items: All items and gear in your storage, inventory or which you currently have equipped will be transferred to your item shop storeroom during the merge.

      [*] Pet System: To minimise risks with your evolvable pets, we recommend that you feed them and place them in a Transport Box in time for the merge. Afterwards you can collect them from the item shop storeroom.

      [*] Guilds: All guild members excluding the leader will be removed from the guild and have to join again after the merge, assuming they are in the same kingdom.

      [*] Marriages: Unfortunately all marriages will be annulled without exception. The Engagement Ring and Yang payment will be refunded.

      Have fun on the new server!

      The Metin2 Team
      • Server Merge FAQ

      • General
        • Which servers are being merged?
        The plan is for all existing servers to be merged into one.
        • How many channels will there be on the merged server?
        Three channels are planned initially.
        • Will I need to confirm my email address? I no longer have access to the email address I used for my registration.
        You’ll be able to log into the Metin2 client or website as normal after the merge. You will NOT be required to reconfirm your email address.
        • Will the Yang, Won or Gaya be reset to zero?
        No, you will keep your entire savings.
        • Who can I contact if I have a problem?
      • Get in touch with our Support team at
      The following points are relevant to all players whose server will be merged to a target server.
      For players already on the target server, there are no changes to the friends list, marriage, equipment, inventory, storage, mails or Dragon Stone Alchemy.

      • Since I had characters in different kingdoms, I was assigned to a kingdom at random after the merge. Is there any way to change my kingdom?
        Are you unhappy with your new home? No problem! The Kingdom Swap Event will be active after the merge. For 30 days you can find the NPC Heuk-Young standing around in the first town. Talk to him and get one free transfer to another kingdom per account.

      • Items/Inventory

      • What will happen to my equipment?This will be transferred to the new server verbatim. Your equipment items, pets and mounts can be found in the item shop storeroom after the merge.

      • What happens if I have five characters with full inventories on all the affected servers?
        Neither your characters nor your inventories will be lost. All characters on your account will be pooled together and made available on the character selection screen. Afterwards you will only be able to create new characters if you have less than five. All items will be transferred to the item shop storeroom.
      • Will the duration of my time-limited item shop items continue to count down during the merge?
        Yes, unfortunately this cannot be avoided. But we will try to keep the length of time each server is offline as low as possible.
      • What if I want to delete a character who has untradeable items in storage? Will I lose the items?
        Yes, your items will also be deleted.

      • Characters
        • What happens if multiple characters on the new server have the same name?
        Multiple characters on a single server cannot share the same name. Only one of the players will therefore be allowed to keep their name, while the others change theirs. Given the complexity of how the merge works, we cannot say in advance which characters will be forced to change. If one of your characters is affected, you will receive a pop-up notification asking you to select a new name upon first logging in after the merge.
        • Do I have to rename my character even if other character has a higher level but has been permanently banned?
        Yes, unfortunately it is not possible to check whether an account is banned or not during the merge.
        • I have lots of characters on the servers that are going to be merged. Can I relocate them all to the new server?
        No characters will be deleted, they will all be transferred to the new server. All characters on your account will be pooled together and made available on the character selection screen. Afterwards you will only be able to create new characters if you have less than five.
        • How long do I have to perform my merge?
        You can log into the game any time after the maintenance and carry out your own personal server merge. The community managers will announce the final date by which you have to have complete your merge in the forums. If you don’t complete the merge by then, you’ll lose your existing characters.
        • I cannot assign my characters on the website any more. Where will I find them after the merge?
        All characters will be merged to the same account. The character selection screen now has multiple pages where you can find and select all your characters.

      • Steam
        • I play on more than one server via Steam. How do I merge my characters?
        If you want to merge your characters, it is imperative that you link your Steam account to a website account. That’s the only way to merge your characters.
        • How can I connect my Steam account with a website account?
        As you do not have a website account yet, you will need to do the following:1. Visit Click on ‘Sign in through STEAM’ on the right side of the screen.3. You will then be forwarded to the Steam login. Enter your Steam details and confirm.4. Click on ‘Register and Link Accounts’ underneath ‘You still don’t have a Metin2 account?’.5. Enter a username, an email address and a password and then confirm by clicking ‘Register and Link Accounts’.6. After submitting, you will receive an email containing your details. For increased account security, verify your email address during this step by clicking on the corresponding button.7. Your Metin2 Steam account and your newly created website account are now linked together.
        • What will happen to my guild?
        If your character is on the target server for the merge, your guild will remain unchanged as before. However, the guild territory for all guilds will be reset, to ensure everyone has the same opportunities after the merge.If your character is on a server which will be migrated to another, all the guild members excluding the leader will be removed from the guild during the merge. They can rejoin the guild afterwards, as long as they belong to the same kingdom.You can find out which type of server you are on by reading ‘Which servers are being merged?’

      • Guild
        • My guild is on a server which is being migrated to another during the merge. As leader of the guild, what do I need to do to ensure I don’t lose it?
        To keep your guild, you will need to bear the following in mind:1. You must belong to the same kingdom as your guild on the merged server.2. Your guild must have at least 3 members.3. As the leader, you will need to have logged in at least once within 30 days prior to the merge.Example:Your XY account has the following characters on different servers:Character 1: Yellow kingdom, guild leaderCharacter 2: Blue kingdom, no guildAs you have two characters on different servers from different kingdoms, it will be decided at random during the merge which kingdom both characters will be transferred to on the new server. If you are transferred to the blue kingdom, your guild in the yellow kingdom will be deleted as the existence of a guild is bound to its leader. If you’d rather not put everything to chance, you could prepare before the merge by getting a Tincture of Kingdoms and switching the second character’s kingdom to that of your guild. Alternatively, you can also delete any characters that are in the wrong kingdom. This will ensure that you are transferred to the correct kingdom during the merge.
        • Will the guild leader receive any compensation for lost land?
        Yes, the guild leader will be recompensed in Yang for the land, alchemist, blacksmith, guild bank, any flags and the temple, if present, in the form of a Yang Bundle placed in their item shop storeroom.
        • Will guilds with more than 70 members be affected if the Altar of Power is deleted along with the guild land?
        All guild members will be removed during the server merge. Following the merge, the guild will be able to add new members as soon as it has land and has constructed an altar.
        • Would it be possible to make guild territory channel-specific? This would allow all guilds to keep their land.
        No, this is not possible.
        • Since the server merge, my guild logo is no longer displayed. Is this a bug?
        No, it is not a bug. Simply re-upload the guild logo after the merge.
        • I’m the leader of a guild and have a guild bank. What do I need to be aware of?
        As we will be clearing your guild land, we will also have to close your guild warehouse. Please empty the guild warehouse of all items before the merge. Any items left in the guild warehouse at the time of the server merge will be transferred to the guild leader’s item shop storeroom.
        • What happens to my Dragon Stone Alchemy during the merge?
        Your alchemy will be removed from your DSS inventory during the merge and placed in your item shop storeroom. Equipped Dragon Stones will also be placed there.After the merge is complete, you can apply your Dragon Stones to any character on your account as you wish.

      • Storage/Item Shop Storeroom
        • What will happen to my storage?
        All character items will be transferred to the item shop storeroom. None of your items will be lost!
        • Will there be larger storage?
        No, your storage space will remain the same. Only the first store page will be merged. If you previously expanded your storeroom, the items stored there will also be transferred to your item shop storeroom.
        • My stores on the various servers have different passwords. Which storage password will be carried over?
        The system will select one of the passwords at random. Simply try out all your passwords on the new server. Alternatively, you can request your storage password to be resent via email on the website.
        • What do I need to know about evolvable pets?
        Since your pet has a limited duration and can die we recomment to feed it in time before the merge. If you want to be on the safe side there is also the option to buy a transport container in the item shop in which your pet doesn’t age. After the merge you’ll find it again in your item shop storage.

      • Other
        • Will the merge have an effect on my in-game marriage?
        All marriages will be annulled. Your Engagement Ring and Yang will be refunded.
        • What will happen to my friends list?
        Your friends list will be deleted. Unlike with the family list, we cannot update the names in the friends list automatically. Talk to your friends before the merge so that you can find one another again on the merged server.
        • How can I find friends who have renamed their character?
        The best way is to talk to them before the merge so you can find each other again afterwards.
        • If I have multiple accounts on the servers being merged, will I need to select five characters which I want to continue playing with?
        No, your accounts will not be merged or deleted.
        • I have a character in the red kingdom on server 1 and one in the yellow kingdom on server 2. When servers 1 and 2 are merged, will I then have to choose one kingdom?
        Which kingdom your characters are transferred to will be decided at random during the merge. After the merge, we will activate the NPC Heuk-Young for a certain period of time, who provides you with the opportunity to change kingdoms.
        • What will happen to my monster cards? Will these be affected?
        Your monster cards will be carried over in their entirety. No cards will go missing! If you played on different servers, we will merge your achievements together into a new set of results on the destination server.
        • After the merge, the client is showing me the same character multiple times in the character selection screen. Is this a bug?
        This visual issue may crop up at the start, but it should resolve itself after your first login.
        • What will happen to my mailbox messages with or without attachments?
        All messages in your mailbox which contain only text, whether read or unread, will be irretrievably deleted during the merge.Items, Yang or Won which are attached to messages will be sent to you in GM-mails after the merge. After that you have 7 days during which to collect the attachment. After this time, all GM-mails will be deleted.
        • Can I remove Dragon Stones with every character?
        Yes, you can remove and use Dragon Stones with every character on your account.
        • Can I sell or trade Dragon Stones after the merge?
        No. Stones which have been equipped CANNOT be traded or sold after the merge. Please ensure that you remove the stones only with the character you want to equip them with later.Stones which were not equipped before the merge are not affected by this limitation. In this case, the standard game restrictions apply.
        • Do I have to manually assign all my characters on the website if I have more than 5?
        No, all characters on your account will be available from the character selection screen in the game after the server merge.
    • Dear Players,

      After the server merge maintenance was finished, we had to take the servers offline again for a few hours last night. This was necessary because during the merge all items, including non-tradable items like apprentice chests, were moved to the depot. That means that they could be moved to different characters, who then could open the chests there.

      At first, we said that it would be okay to open the apprentice chests with any character. However, we misjudged the situation because this would severely damage the in-game economy. That’s why it was decided to go into maintenance again, and temporarily remove all apprentice chests from the server to be able to prevent further damage.

      But don’t worry, we are currently looking into ways to compensate players who have lost their apprentice chests. Once that’s done, you should have the correct chests on your characters again.

      Unfortunately, due to technical reasons, the merge needs to be completely finished before we can give back the chests. So we cannot do it right away. We also have to make sure that we can merge all other communities next week; delaying these merges would not be an option because there is only a very short timeframe between the Halloween and the Christmas events for these merges to happen.

      We will, of course, keep you updated and provide more detailed information as soon as it is available. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience and understanding.

      Your Metin2 team