Is This the end of the Metin2 ?

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    • Is This the end of the Metin2 ?

      Hello everyone.

      My main character is a lvl 96 weaponary sura.
      I write my equipment because you need to know why i am not satisfied the happening that i see today. Ench Blade, Ench. Armour, Fear, Dragon Swirl, Finger Strike skills. P . only lvl 94 bio not ready.
      I play almost 9 years. I usually buy thief, third hand, exp ring and if i can afford i buy DC for costumes and pets.
      I can Say i am fully Grotto Gear. HTE+9 20 dev, arrow, WGB +9 20 dev, abs hp,magic res. Shield lvl 61 +9 immune 10 devil, Horned Helmet +9 20 dev ,arrow, Pearl neck +9 1500 hp, crit, arrow, Quilin +5 1500 hp arrow, APA +5 2 K hp arrow, absorb HP, haste,eva, ducking+4. Triton +9 fully pvm +4 pvm stones 32% devil int,crit. Poison +9 36% avg 5 crit. Shoulder sash 19% absorb...7% avg..... Razador 85 lvl 2 skill....Berserk 12%, Drill 11%. 10.2 % HP.
      So for about this is my base equpment. ..... And there comes Halloween ....and i buy stuff......Mightly Lolly, Leonidas, Costume ...Hat and armour and weapon skin+...... after This boost My Friend(105 body warrior fully pvm geared) and I went to try to kill the Beran Setaou ( Dragon) .. We go in ... My friend gave me His Poison +9 45% avg damage ......i turned all my skills. Use my Wild boar (20% storng against monsters) . Turned on Razador and Leonidas and turned on a 10 grade Energy ....... killed all metins . and start Killing the Beran Setaou ...................And what i seee?.....With all this equipment and all this item shop sht.........i can make 4500 points damage on Beran Setaou....... Is this a Joke? I can not make him a small life losss.......Please Tell me Dear Game MAsters ....How can i make money in the game if i cant kill the one who drops valuable stuff.....example pearls. dragon scale, dragon claw.
      I kill a lot metins every day and there are only a few metin which drops good stuff. I kill bosses in Nephirite bay ... daily 30 bosses....and sometimes i got a blessing scroll........... I go to mine if i dont have money... But who mine knows how hard it is.
      You can say why i not kill in G1 end......The reason....... i kill full rooms in 8-10 seconds. and so awfull dropp......You can say why i am not going to enchanted forest......Becasue in the temple the monsters kill me like i never had pvm gear......So please help me with some Advice....... Is this the line that GF follows? Because if it is i can not play any more with a good feeling..... Because i know ..that i am weak like a pigeon.....

      Sincerelly: Rick.
    • Well.... You should use int items to turn skills on, and then rather use HTN, HTB and Ebony earrings (Emberald earrings way better). More crit/piercing is the way out there. Lightning talis/STR, buffs are also good dmg outputs.

      I finally kill it with approx 14k dmg (crit). You should have luck aswell though, metins give bonuses to the dragon.
      When we jump, it feels like the world is sliding out of place. But I wonder why it feels so long today...
    • Hello, i noticed that after the last update (18.4) my damage on Beran-Setau is around 40-50% Lower !! Also i think that the HP regen of the boss was increased too
      They obviously changed it without any announcement ! I think that is fair to at least let us know about the new changes...
      :rocketlauncher: :rocketlauncher:
    • Penetration wrote:

      RabbitRun wrote:

      I finally kill it with approx 14k dmg (crit). You should have luck aswell though, metins give bonuses to the dragon.
      You do 14k after the update? :rolleye2: Or you tested before it?
      Before the update, didn't know something was changed on my damage and I already quit. But for this favor I'm going to test again.
      When we jump, it feels like the world is sliding out of place. But I wonder why it feels so long today...
    • 18k dmg after update here. But yeah, dragon got harder for sure, they nerfed our own dmg and it looks like beran got stronger too. with 18k dmg, 87% crit, 83% pierce i'm still struggling with soloing. It's possible, but it definitely became a lot harder, also bcz of the seals that can't be put on short keys anymore and you need to focus on when they disappeared.

      However, i think it's nice that they made it harder. The game should be about defeating bosses together as a team. In my opinion you should only be able to defeat bosses with sick perfect gear, but the main idea is going in together, sharing rewards etc. Also makes it a lot more fun (which is why i never solo bosses, it's boring xD ).

      Just go in together in pairs or 3's, split the loot and enjoy the game together ^^

      But yeah to increase your dmg, focus on dmg boosters, such as lv 100 helmet+9 (8% dmg), souls belt +6-7-8-9 (6-8% dmg), Emerald earrings+8 with refine (8% dmg) blue dews 120 attack, pierce pots 20%, crit pots 20%, and basically items that give you pierce/crit/INT/STR, for example HTN+9 with 10 crit on it. HTB+9 with 10 pierce on it, weapon skin with 12 STR/INT, Costume with 50 attack, Armour with 50 attack etc etc.

      And needless to say, but i'll say it anyway xD a poison/zodiac with 40+ avg is pretty much a must if you want to solo it.

      If you need more info, feel free to ask here or PM ^^

      Good luck! ^^

      Shanez / Skie
    • Thank you for the help and the ideas.
      I would like to kill the Dragon with daredevil19 and his shaman. He was with his glaive and he gave me his poison to kill the Dragon. We geared ourselfes and start. But we can make 14 k damage together. So it is hard now. I like to kill in group but i got 3 small children. So hard to find a good Time when we can kill together. Thats why i kill alone. But thanks the help.
    • i'm using Matt alchemy, there's no need for better alchemy in this game, only if you want to be king of PvP, but for pvm, Matt is perfect ^^ higher alchemy is a waste of money for pvm xd (but fun to have highest possible ofc) (no hard feelings towards wasting money btw, we all love it xD)
      But yeah, alchemy is important to have too for drogo (matt) ^^
    • A sapphire is probably useless to have more than a matt for pvm and most others are good enough at matt but ruby makes a big difference in pvm so imo it's kinda very important to have a good one. The difference between a matt ruby and a excellent one is quite huge so yeah...